Music Review: Tangerine by Addie Hamilton

Tangerine is the latest release from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Addie Hamilton. The track is a taster of what can be expected from her debut full-length album which is said to be arriving in the second half of 2021. 

Addie started producing music at a young age and has had her music featured on many hit shows such as Riverdale, The Good Place and Katie Keene.

Tangerine has no definite meaning. The track’s lyrics were kept fairly abstract so that the listener can interpret their own meaning. For Addie, the song is about focusing on the beauty in life and to keep faith when the world tells you otherwise.

The track opens with a wistful acoustic guitar. The melody ebbs and flows to lead you down a winding path to lead to Addie’s honey-coated vocals. 

This melody has a mystifying quality which holds your attention captive for the entirety of the song. Happily lying in its clutches, you find that you do not mind being its prisoner as you let the dreamy soundscape envelop you. 

Kicking things up a step, the instrumentation becomes more lively in the chorus. Here all of the creative elements witnessed so far entwine to create an ambience that indulges all of the senses. 

Tangerine is a track with creative fluidity. With every listen, you become aware of new elements and find yourself sinking further and further into its blissful soundscape.

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