Music Review: I Wish You Were Dead by Three Day Monk

I Wish You Were Dead is the latest single from Three Day Monk, a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Tristan Nelson. The track was recorded at Half-ton Studios in Cambridgeshire with Matty Moon (Lonely The Brave, False Heads) whom Tristan has collaborated with in the past. 

I Wish You Were Dead also had contributions by Flora Stewart on vocals, Jake Hatter on drums, Ivan McCready on cello and Tom Leate on violin/viola. 

Instantly you are hit you are with the emotion of I Wish You Were Dead. Stunning vocal harmonies embellish the opening of the song.  

Each section of the track feels like a different part of a story. The change in pace and feel makes this a really exciting track that demands your full attention.

Around the halfway mark the energy amps up with a sudden burst of sound. This comes to settle again with a deep and dulcet vocal line which sits at the very bottom of the track. 

A stabbing piano accompanies a booming bassline, and the overall effect is stunning. There is a dark seduction to this section which pulls you further and further into the tracks clutches until it falls to a close with the solitary line ‘I Wish You Were Dead’. 

I Wish You Were Dead is an interesting track from Three Day Monk. Holding you in its grip with deep-seated emotion and intricate layers you find yourself thinking about the track long after it has ended.

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