Music Review: Heartsick by Lloren

Heartsick is the latest release from UK based singer-songwriter Lloren. Some of you may know Lloren already as back in 2018 she came third on The Voice UK. Since then she has released a multitude of tracks with her latest Medicine accumulating over 50k streams. 

Heartsick opens with a wonderfully uplifting feeling. Although this is a song about love it is not a generic heartbreak track. Instead, Lloren has explored that dizzying infatuation you feel when you first fall in love. This emotion gives way to a vulnerability that has not yet been seen from Lloren’s releases. 

A raw yet silvery quality adorns Lloren’s tone, akin to the likes of Halsey and Fleurie. The lyrics of the track sink deep into your very being and expose feelings in yourself that you never knew you had. 

Heartsick is stunningly cinematic and anthemic at the same time. The crashing drums build through the entirety of the track and they feel like they are taking you on a journey. Pair this with the scintillating piano line and you’ve got a track that exudes emotion from not only its lyrics, but the instrumentation too. 

Lloren has created a gripping track which is full of emotion and raw beauty. Instantly you find yourself absorbed in the songs lyrics and enthralled by Lloren’s enchanting vocals.

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