Music Review: Folds by Pushpin

Folds is the latest release from up and coming South London band Pushpin. With just one previous release their music has been featured on BBC Introducing, Soho Radio and BBC Radio London.

The track was entirely produced by the band with them often taking unconventional routes when creating the sounds of the track. Pots and pans, microwaves and even hoovers were used to create the unique sound of Folds

Folds opens with a buzzy bassline which seems to be the main focal point of the track. Joined by intense guitars and low thumping drums it is clear from the get-go that this track will be an interesting one. 

The lyrics are sung at an almost whisper. This gives the track a personal feel. Like it is being performed just for you. The melody, although sung soft and low, has a playful quality with its twists and turns.   

Deep synths create the full sound of Folds and give this indie track a dark edge. Moments of formidable quiet paired with rousing anthemic choruses makes Folds a track with exciting shifts in tone and feeling. 

Pushpin has created a track with a pleading intensity. The disjointed and often jarring instrumentation leaves the listener with a sense of wonder for where Folds will take you next.

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