Music Review: Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run by Fires

Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run is the debut EP from Irish rock-band Fires. The six-track release is a collection of songs from the last three years and explored themes such as self-esteem, loss and grief.  

Opening the EP is atmospheric track Intro://Fizzy_Lifting_Drinks. Setting the mood for the EP, building synths and ringing guitars create the lifting feeling of the tracks name.

Just after the halfway point the track bursts into action with an injection of lively instruments. These build up to a huge wall of sound before bringing the track to fall at the atmospheric feeling of the opening section. 

Next up is All For This. With a completely different vibe to the opening track, All For This offers a more rock-inspired riffs and melody. 

Here we get to hear frontman Michael’s vocals for the first time. His tone is both clear and gritty at the same time which honestly is quite impressive. 

The chorus presents a catchy melody with easily memorable lyrics. This track is sure to be a fan favourite at live performances. 

All For This is a great track to bring you into the main body of the EP with its quick guitars and crashing drums.  

The third track on the EP is Change Your Mind. Although the track opens with a burst of guitars, a softer melody adorns the song’s opening lines. I am coming to understand that this is not something that ever lasts long in a Fires song. Before you know it the lyrics are being thrown into the fray of thundering instrumentation with a ferocity that pushes the limits of the track. 

Changing up the vibe again is synth lead track Dream. The ambience of this track feels similar to Intro://Fizzy_Lifting_Drinks, but with a prog-rock twist. 

The atmospheric feeling of this track does not last for the full duration like the opening song. Instead before the halfway mark, the guitars kick in and this track feels like an amalgamation of the two previous songs. 

Michael’s voice again sounds different on this track and its fair to say I am impressed with his versatility.  

Amping up the energy even further is penultimate track Forgotten Sons. Here we are again greeted with a gritty vocal tone and every part of this track is performed with a sense of urgency. Perfectly setting up a hard-rock atmosphere. 

Chugging guitars take centre stage in Forgotten Sons to command a more aggressive sound than what we’ve heard from Fires so far.

Continuing with the darker tone A Life Worth Living (Taxes) has a demanding bassline which gives the track a huge sound.  

The pulsating guitars have a bright tone which brings a ray of light onto the murky undertone. Scintillating guitars and pounding drums make for an explosive end to a fire-fueled EP. 

Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run is an in your face release with unrelenting instrumentation and scorching vocals. The EP has a clear and cohesive mood throughout and tracks with varying styles make for a creative release. 

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