Music Review: Part I by Tigera

Part I is the debut release from Milwaukee indie rock band Tigera. The band is made up of Devon Huckstep on vocals, Ben Koshick on guitar, Alex James on guitar, Erik Summer on bass and Dale Smart on drums. 

Formed in the midst of the global pandemic, Tigera is yet to have the opportunity to play live for the public. The band have been spending all of this time writing and recording music in their small home studio. 

During Christmas 2020 Tigera were a part of a charity album put together by Stillwave Studios and MKEaScene. This consisted of 12 Milwaukee bands who recorded their fresh take on a classic Christmas song. Tigera decided to be even more creative by writing an original Christmas song. The album was available to buy for a $10 donation with all of the proceeds going towards helping families in need. 

First up on the EP is Just Like You. The track is about having that one person who gives you the motivation to better yourself. This coming from work ethic, mental health or just outright confidence. 

Without messing around the track opens with no introduction. Instantly you are served Devon’s sweet vocals which at times present a slight warble of emotion. Although the track is only getting started you can already sense a great deal of feeling from both his tone and lyrics. 

Just when you think the emotion is going to take over wonderful clean and bright guitars bring themselves into the equation. These are an instant mood lifter and make Just Like You a real foot-tapper of a track. 

You can sense the confidence in all elements of this track that the lyrics are trying to project. 

Just Like You is a not on a constant uphill journey. The track takes its moments of downtime which allows the instrumentation to build up, bringing the track to an explosive ending. 

Next up is Mad For Me. This track just like the EP’s opening has a wonderfully uplifting feel.

Featuring another great vocal performance from frontman Devon, he delivers a tone that is akin to Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Energy-wise this EP is off the charts. The clean-cut guitars alongside the thumping bass make this a track that you can’t help but want to dance to. 

Mad For Me is a fun track that is sprinkled with early 2010 pop-infused stylings with a large serving of indie-rock guitars. 

Closing the EP is Aquaman. Continuing with the no-nonsense openings, Devon’s vocal comes in right away. This leads way to a short instrumental section which you would normally expect to find at the very beginning of the track. 

Picking up the confident vibe from the opening track Aquaman features Tigera’s most impassioned performance to date. You can really feel just how much they love creating music and the feel-good vibe of this track is unmatched. 

Cleverly disguised behind upbeat indie-rock Part I takes its listener through every emotion imaginable. With optimistic rises, heartbreaking lows and suspended uncertainty, there is something for everyone in this release.

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