Music Review: Amen To The Storytellers by Minus Alive

Amen To The Storytellers is the latest release from Southampton based band Minus Alive. The three-piece have two previously released singles (From The Grey House and Not The Only One) and one EP (Maybe This Just All Ends). 

Having all being affected by the pandemic in different ways; losing jobs and income and struggling with mental wellbeing, their main source of support was their nightly songwriting sessions. These were carried out remotely and included their producer Chris Lyndon. 

From these sessions, they were able to write about their pent up emotions, frustrations and energy to create a plethora of tracks that are scheduled to be released throughout the year. 

Amen To The Storytellers was written as a message of solidarity for the creative community in the current trying time. A testament for what can be achieved by creatives who are facing adversity, the track brings a real sense of community with its uplifting tone. 

Although it is a song about the struggles we have all most-likely faced at some point, Amen To The Storytellers feels more like a celebration of life. Soaring guitars adorn the tracks electric feeling and the harmonised chorus creates the sense of community that the track is promoting. 

Minus Alive has created a track which holds true passion and sincere appreciation for the creative community. Powerful drums paired with the chunky bass and spirited lead vocals make this anthemic track one that you don’t want to miss.

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