Music Review: No Answers by Pochenski

No Answers is the latest release from Manchester trio Pochenski. Made up of Daniel Pye on lead vocals and guitar, Kieran Joyce on bass/guitar and backing vocals and George Coleman on drums, the band was formed in 2019. 

The track was a mostly DIY project with everything being recorded at home by the band. The track was complete after being mixed and mastered by Joe Murphy in Finsbury Park. 

Although it was written back in 2019 No Answers holds a lot of relatability for the present day. The track’s lyrics are about accepting that there are some things in life that no matter how hard we try we cannot fully understand. 

Expressing the current commonly felt emotion of frustration and the endless questions that seem to have no real answer, the track disguises these feelings with crashing guitars and a soaring vocal melody. 

Soaring guitars sit at the highest parts of the opening of the track. These swoop from side to side creating a feeling of calm serenity.

This serenity is interrupted when the chorus pushes its way in. Amping up the energy of the track a solid wall of sound brings in an unforgiving bass and thumping drums. No longer feeling calm, No Answers has flipped the switch and rilled up its listener. 

Through all of this, the track manages to keep up its atmospheric vibe which should be at odds with the underlying anger, but Pochenski has made it work. Constantly leaving you wanting more an extended outro leaves time for contemplation.

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