ARC Review: Isoldesse by Kimberly Grymes

*I was given an arc of Isoldesse in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Tractor Beam Publishing and Kimberly Grymes.* 


Isoldesse is a contemporary sci-fi which takes place between Earth and Priomh. Told from multiple perspectives every character seems to have one thing in common, Isoldesse. 

On Priomh, a moon of Sendara, Isoldesse is a goddess of which they worship. Carrying out their goddesses work through the Aevo Compendium the Sendarians takes subjects from each world to keep track of how advanced their technology has become. 

Kenna, one of the main characters, is sent a strange necklace which allows her to see the spirit of a mysterious old woman. Not long after she and her friends are taken to Priomh for the Aevo Compendium, however, Kenna wakes up long before she is supposed to. There is something different about Kenna, she’s just not sure what. 


This has been one of my favourite reads of 2021 so far. I loved that it was sci-fi but with a contemporary twist. When reading the first few chapters I genuinely forgot that this was a sci-fi and then when those elements did become part of the story I loved it. I don’t really read sci-fi that often and think the mix of the two genres worked really well for me. 

Firstly let’s talk about the areas that I was not huge on. There were just too many perspectives which at times made the story a little disjointed. I’ve never been a big fan of multiple perspectives anyway, with the odd exception, this not being one of them. 

This would have benefitted from just three perspectives; Kenna, Breyah and Gemma. They are the most important when it comes to the main plotline and seeing the perspectives from others such as Darci and Cahleen were not as necessary. 

The prologue was extremely confusing as there was a lot of terms being used that I did not know. This would have been ok if I looked at the glossary at the end of the book however as this was an e-arc that wasn’t very accessible.

There was a lot of information thrown at you within the first few chapters which at times could seem quite overwhelming. However, as soon as this got going I was hooked. 

I was desperate to know more about the elusive Aevo Compendium and what it was actually for. The reason for this, at least to me, was not very obvious and I was constantly wondering why they were taking people. 

This didn’t ruin the book for me though. If anything I was desperate to keep reading because I needed to know more. 

I cannot review this book without mentioning its gorgeous cover. This was what drew me into Isoldesse in the first place. Gold and navy is one of my favourite colour combinations and it is stunning on this simple yet interesting cover design. 

Romance was a very small part of this book, and I was glad that the main focus was on the actual storyline. I feel like there may be a love triangle appearing in the next book, but I have huge confidence that it won’t take over the story. 

The story, although the pacing was a little off at times, was interesting throughout the entirety of the book. I genuinely have no idea where the plot will go next, but I do know that I am excited. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book and I’m sad that I’m going to have to wait so long to find out what happens after Isoldesse’s action-packed ending. 

Check out Isoldesse when it is published on March 2nd!

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