Music Review: Shadow Work by Kim Logan + The Silhouettes

Shadow Work is the sophomore album from American singer-songwriter Kim Logan. Since the release of her self-titled debut album in 2013 Kim has been touring America and Europe with support from various musicians. Having also had a 17-year long career in staged opera she also uses these techniques in her own released music. 

Calling America, the UK and Paris her three homesteads, Kim takes influences from the different stylings and sub-genres from each. Working to blur them all together to make her own unique blend, Kim boasts a songwriting versatility that goes unmatched. 

Kim released an EP, Fresh Juice in 2017 through her own label Swamp Things Records which was produced and developed by Vance Powell (Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and Chris Stapleton) and Brett Orrison (The Black Angels and Widespread Panic). 

Fast forward to 2020 and Kim has released her second album, Shadow Work. This time she has worked with her Parisian backing band The Silhouettes. 

Opening the album is Hitch Your Wagon. The track opens with an infectious hook that allows the guitars to come at you from every angle. 

There are hints of a psychedelic influence that gives Hitch Your Wagon a swirling feeling. This is pushed further by Kim’s strong yet flowing vocal tone. The lyrics cascade over your ears and you find yourself being pulled deeper and deeper into the track. 

Hitch Your Wagon is an excellent opening to the album and sets the tone for what can be expected from this release. 

Next up is the bass-heavy Dirty Business. Rolling into the album the track has a  presence that demands to be known. 

The listener will find themself hanging on Kim’s every word. She has the type of voice that commands attention, something that you are more than willing to give. 

Snappy guitars are sitting at the forefront of this more country-fueled track. Pair this with Kim’s vocals and the harmonising backing vocals and you’ve got a real slinky track. 

Dirty Business is a fun track from start to finish. The amped-up energy is constantly getting higher and higher and you find that you don’t want the track to end. 

Ghost offers a completely different vibe compared to what has been heard so far. An atmospheric opening comes to land on solo acoustic guitars that resonate at the centre of the mix. 

A darker tone from both instrumentation and vocals shows a great level of versatility from Kim Logan and The Silhouettes. 

Kim’s vocals ring out at the very top end of the track to give Ghost an otherwordly feeling. 

Picking up the pace is the fifth track Ladyboy. This is a song that demands to be played at a high volume. The ever-present guitars are putting out pure rock and roll vibes with a splash of country in the mix. 

The energy of this track has gone unmatched so far and I am loving every part of it. The upbeat tempo makes this a track to be danced to and without knowing it you are bopping your head and tapping your feet.

Closing the album is a downtempo track by the name of Death Dream. Although slower the track exudes a confidence that I am now beginning to associate with Kim Logan. 

Death Dream has pure anthemic vibes which makes it the perfect closer for Shadow Work. 

Shadow Work is a great example of different genres and stylings done well. Although it may seem that some of the tracks should not work together, they really do. The confidence and self-assurance that every track exudes is becoming a staple part of Kim Logans sound.

Kim’s vocal talent is not one to be questioned and throughout the album, she has shown great musicality and compatibility for all styles. With the addition of The Silhouettes, she has created a release that holds the attention of its listener with engaging tracks and stunning melodies.

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