What I Watched: February 2021

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I have been thinking about writing posts like this for a while now. The biggest thing holding me back from actually doing them was the issue of needing a visual element. 

Now I’ve always been the type of blogger who takes their own photos and I would never use a screenshot of a film/tv show for this. Which led me to utter confusion on what I could do that wouldn’t be infringing on copyright laws. The answer to that? Honestly, I don’t know. 

I definitely won’t be using stills of the show or film I watched as that’s really not my style. So please be patient with me while I figure it out. 

As I haven’t actually watched a lot of tv or films this month and have instead been spending the majority of my free time on Youtube so this post should be somewhat easier. 

TV Shows

Let’s get the actual tv shows out of the way first. Now I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls for the last probably six months on and off and honestly, I didn’t watch loads of it this month. I’m on the last season and I really don’t want it to end so I think I’ve been subconsciously putting it off. 

I absolutely love it though. It’s definitely my ‘cosy’ show right now and it makes for somewhat of an easy watch. The last season so far is probably my least favourite however they could be due to me taking huge breaks between episodes. I will definitely finish it soon and then I’ll move onto the Netflix spin-off. 

My most-watched tv show last month was most definitely Glee. Now I know there is a lot of controversies surrounding the show and its actors, however, I watched it when it first came out and there is that sense of nostalgia to it that I think I really needed in Feb. 

This third lockdown has definitely been the hardest on me so far and I just needed something easy to watch that I was already familiar with. 

My plans for this month are to catch up on Riverdale and finally start Fate: The Winx Saga. For some reason I have really been putting off both, Riverdale mostly on purpose because honestly what is going on, but I really want to watch The Winx as I loved the cartoon when I was younger. 


Film-wise I never really watch anything, however, I did re-watch the first two To All The Boys I Loved Before as I am massively putting of the last one. Just me? When I talk about my Youtube habits my lack of tv and films will make more sense, but I think I’m going to watch Always and Forever at some point this week.

I also watched a couple of the Pokémon films, but don’t get me started on Pokémon because we’ll be here forever.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Now onto Youtube. I spend the majority of my free time on Youtube and without fail watch something on there every day. 

Late 2019/early 2020 saw the return of my love for Jacksepticeye. Now I used to watch his videos way back in 2013, but just stopped for some reason. I religiously watch Call Me Kevin everyday and he was playing games with Jacksepticeye a lot on his streams. This spiralled into me loving him again and well the rest is history. 

I have been watching a lot of his longer gameplay series as I love games but I’m not great at them myself. Just today I finished his Little Nightmares 2 videos. 

My latest obsession is quite strange and completely unexpected. My boyfriend is a huge Call of Duty fan, myself not so much. Well until January 2021. Apparently the Call of Duty league is a thing and I love it. My boyfriend was watching said league on his phone and because I love watching things with him, even if I don’t enjoy them, I let him put it on the tv. 

From that point on I have been hooked.

His favourite team is Optic Chicago, so my favourite team is Optic Chicago. I absolutely love them and honestly can’t get enough of their videos and streams. 

I think at the time I was desperately looking for something new to love as I really did not feel like reading last month. It turns out that thing I needed was Optic. It’s probably quite embarrassing to be admitting this on the internet, but I’m done caring what other people think about hte things that I love. 

The competitive side of it is definitely what keeps me hooked. Although now that I have a favourite team it is very nerve wracking. I have no idea how long the league goes on for, but I’m sure I’ll talk about it in a future post. 

If anyone is interested in it please let me know as it would be great to have someone to talk to about it other than my boyfriend. Also for those interested (if there are any of you) my favourite player is Envoy. 

I could quite easily talk about the Youtube I watch for hours, so instead I am just going to list some of my favourite Youtubers right now. 

  • Jacksepticeye
  • Call Me Kevin
  • Plumbella
  • Clare Siobhan 

If you couldn’t tell from that list I basically only watch gamers and I love The Sims. That would be a cool thing to do a post on however I don’t know what it would be about. I’m basically giving myself complete creative freedom on here now and I will post about whatever I like. 

The last platform that I could talk about is Twitch however this is already quite a long post so I don’t want to make it too much longer. Basically I have been loving all of my favourite Youtubers (including the Optic team) on Twitch. The only person I watch on Twitch that isn’t a Youtuber is Maxispio. He is a friend of Call Me Kevin and his streams are my favourite.

Ok so this post is way longer then I expected so I’m going to leave it there. Maybe for next month, I’ll figure out a proper structure instead of just rambling about everything, but who knows some of you might like this longer type of post? Do let me know!


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  1. I also watch a ton of Clare Siobhan and Plumbella! Clare has the best Sims stories, and Plumbella’s videos with her parents always have me laughing 🙂

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