Music Review: Let You Down by Young Decades

Let You Down is the latest release from alt-rock trio Young Decades. Formed in April 2020 by Liam Downey, Scott Harvey and James Tidd the band have created a well-seasoned sound in just under a year. 

Since their formation they have been releasing a new track every nine weeks. Collating these together to form a longer release, their debut EP will be released on March 5th in just three days time.

Let You Down was produced by James, who has built a trusted teams around the band. This team includes Human League bassist Ian Burden, long time friend and engineer Tom Longworth (Vistas, Tom Speight) and mastering engineer Mike Marsh (Chemical Brothers, Empire of the Sun, Phoenix). 

The guitar lead track opens to a flurry of sound. From the get-go you are blown away by the hypnotic guitar riff which swirls round and round at the highest parts of the mix. 

The opening verse is accompanied by a piano which adds layers to the track. These layers are constantly built on by the ever present guitars and pounding drums. 

James’ vocals are smooth, but with an authoritative edge. Commanding full attention the listener can’t help but hang on his every word. 

Let You Down rolls through ups and down to create a piece of music that is dynamically interesting. Bringing further interest to the track a stirring synth is present in the bridge section. This contributes to an anthemic build leading to the ending of the track which slowly comes to a fade-out. 

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