Music Review: Sweepstake by Kite Thief

Sweepstake is the latest release from rock quintet Kite Thief. After moving to Bristol from various hometowns, the members of Kite Thief bonded over a shared love of music. Forming in 2018 the band was born from a love of individual styles and genres to create the cocktail of sound that is unique to Kite Thief. 

Dominating in the live scene Kite Thief are a wonder to watch. The band have started to gain a stellar reputation for their theatrical and energetic performances.

With three singles, two tours and the recent release of Sweepstake, Kite Thief are clearly ones to watch. 

The track explores how society has a need to share everything online in the hope of gaining ‘digital wealth’, and how this is not something of worth in the real world. Sweepstake wants to open your eyes to the fact that these social media platforms are manipulating you. 

A slowly building opening leaves great room for the song to expand and grow. And grow it does. Before you know it whirring and chugging guitars are invading your personal space and rallying the troops for the track’s ever more important message. 

Leader singer Elin’s vocals are honey-sweet yet have a demanding presence at the same time. Perfectly mixing the styles of Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive and Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd, she takes these and makes them her own. I am a huge fan. 

The chorus is nothing short of a headbanger and the excitement of the track carries through. Sweepstake comes to a close with a frenzy of sound. Electrifying and upbeat this track will be huge live.

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