Music Review: Split Persona (EP) by Split Persona

Split Persona is the debut self-titled release from Reno-based band Split Persona. Zander Hoschak, Brogan Kelley, Darren Menning and Mike Patterson make up the melodic four-piece which formed in the latter part of 2019. 

Although it has been an entire year since the EP’s release, Split Persona are still feeling the benefits. With over four thousand monthly Spotify listeners and a massive 35 thousand, all-time streams for the release it is clear to see that this band has a bright future in the music industry. 

Opening the EP is Stay Away which makes an impression from the get-go. The guitar led opening builds a great expectation for what can be expected from this release. 

Zanders crisp vocals sit perfectly above the gritty guitars and gives a point of concentration for the riotous track.

Unrelenting drums are a powerful driving force that stop for nothing and no one. All of these elements coalesce to create a sound that is huge and brings excitement for the rest of the EP.

Continuing with the clear and cohesive sound of the first track is All Us Three. Both tracks are clearly cut from the same cloth and promote that gritty feel that alt rock should have. 

Frontman Zander Hoschak gives a passionate vocal performance which includes a more guttural approach than the first track. His performance still includes his smooth vocals that we heard throughout the majority of the first track. These slide through effortlessly even after his guttural screams, showing great vocal althletisism. 

Halfway through the EP you are met by Melted Clocks. The track boasts a more anthemic tone that allows the band to explore a more emotive sound. Showing versatility within the bands song-writing abilities, Melted Clocks gives them an outlet to show vulnerability. 

Carrying on with the anthemic vibes is Keep It. Promoting pure rock and roll the track shows the bands influences of bands such as Queens of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters with a classic rock twist. 

The bridge section brings you to a wall of sound. A guitar solo that sound influenced by the likes of Guns N’ Roses attacks all senses and builds suspense for the end of the track.

Closing Split Persona is stripped back track Strawberries. This track puts out a different feeling compared to anything we have heard from the band so far. 

Although the energy does pick up for the chorus, everything is a little more pared back than what we are used to from Split Persona. With a more gentle approach the band have yet again shown great versatility with their songwriting and musicianship. 

The EP does not have an overly polished feel to it which gives the release a raw and real human feel. This creates music that isn’t trying to be something its not, rock music should have a raw and gritty feel to it. Something that Split Persona has captured well. 

Even though this is a debut release it is clear to see that Split Persona know exactly who they are and what they want to sound like. 

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