Music Review: Delusion by Sweet, Coins!

Delusion is the latest single from alt-rock quintet Sweet, Coins!. Made up of Tommy on vocals, Micky on lead guitar, Louis on rhythm guitar, Jamie on bass and Sophie on drums, the band was put together over a number of years. 

Delusion was recorded in Tommy’s bedroom with every instrument other than the drums and orchestra programmed in. After sending the single over to a friend of the band Matthew Jefferies to have it mixed, the track came back perfect. 

Released on Valentines Day it makes perfect sense that this is a song about heartbreak. Telling the story of two people that have fallen out of love and how one of them after reminiscing on the past has realised they don’t need anyone but themselves, Delusion is an anthem for those who believe in self-love. 

Reverb heavy vocals adorn this track from start to finish. Creating an otherworldly illusion the vocals draw the listener deeper and deeper into its emotional fold. Tommy’s deep tones glide over the lowest parts of the track drawing your attention to the raw heartbreak that the lyrics convey. 

The chorus breaks this reverie with crashing drums and driving guitars. After becoming so enraptured with the emotion of the track it comes to a close before you even realise. Fading out with the repeated line “I Need You Gone”, the track has a sense of pure finality which only leaves its listener wanting more.

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