Music Review: Sno Burn by Lazer Beam

Sno Burn is the second release from desert rock band Lazer Beam. Lucust French is the main man behind the project with the band originally starting as a solo project. He is the lead vocalist and also plays guitar, bass and uses a MOOG synthesizer. Now the band is fully formed with Carly Jane on bass and Eric Freeman on drums. Lazer Beam hails from Phoenix, Arizona and their debut album will be released April 9th through LCF Records. 

The track explores why when we become successful we feel the urge to destroy ourselves. The trope of the little devil sitting on your shoulder encouraging your self-destructive tendencies is used in the track. Sno Burn was recorded at 513 studios in Tempe, Arizona with engineer Chris Hughes.

Sno Burn opens with crunchy guitars and a dark bassline sweeps its way into the first verse. Here you are met with Lucust’s crisp vocals. The verse sections have a much brighter quality to them compared to the chorus which holds all of the track’s aggression.

Here you see all instruments, including the classically gritty grunge vocals, take a frenzied turn. Crashing drums embellish every grit filled growl from Lucust and punctuates the songs punchy lyrics. Nothing is held back for Sno Burn’s fiery chorus. 

The bridge section garners great attention with its slow build in anticipation. Taking on a more spoken-word style this section feels personal almost like the lyrics are speaking directly to you. 

An industrial-sounding instrumental section closes out the track. Sounding like a machine that is breaking down it brings an apt ending to the expressive track.

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