Music Review: Goodbye by Tobi Stubbs Ft. Harry Cairns

Goodbye is the second solo release from Tobi Stubbs. One half of 12 Hour Avenue, Tobi decided to embark on a solo project during the first lockdown last year. His first release We’re Both On The Same Team garnered great success with coverage from many blogs including Young Creative Press, read my review here.

Tobi decided that We’re Both On The Same Team did not have the right feel for the band and so he released it as a solo project. Interestingly this track actually features his 12 Hour Avenue bandmate, Harry Cairns who plays the guitar solo. The softer track, which is about leaving your childhood behind and diving into the world of adulthood, features both members of the band but has again been released as a part of Tobi’s solo project. 

The opening of the track builds to a peak where Tobi’s vocals come in. In my review of We’re Both On The Same Team, I said I could sit and listen to Tobi’s vocals all day and I still stand by that point. His vocals gently wash over you and his tone promotes an easy-listening vibe. 

The chorus has a building anthemic vibe that feels like it is going to reach an epic conclusion. This comes in the form of the guitar solo from Harry. Offering a moment of light from the tracks overall dark and moody feeling the clean tone creates a brighter outlook onto Goodbye and its lyrics.

Similar to his first release, Tobi has created a track with an immense atmosphere. Every instrument feels like it is being played close to the very core of the track, surrounding you in a wall of sound. 

Goodbye is an excellent second release from Tobi and I cannot wait to see where he will take this solo project next. 

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