What I Watched: March 2021

March turned out to be a great month for me entertainment-wise. I took more days off, these mostly being because of my mental health, which meant that I spent a lot more time watching TV. I’m basically trying to enjoy my free time a little more before I go back to work next week.

I still don’t have any real plan as to how I’m going to do the visual side of this post, however, I didn’t hate how the first one came out. So I’m just going to continue with that style for now. 


If you are coming here expecting to hear about newer film releases then you are in the wrong place. I’m not really a huge film fan and it’s extremely rare that I watch new releases. I would definitely say I am more of a nostalgia watcher when it comes to films and I prefer to watch mostly light-hearted comedies or rom-coms. 

My first film of the month completely supports that statement. For the millionth time, I watched the live-action 101 Dalmatians. I genuinely think I watch this film at least once every year, I just love it. 

That probably makes me sound extremely lame, but I really don’t care. I adore dogs so 101 Dalmatians just makes me so happy and trust me when I say I needed that feeling last month. 

The next two films that I watched were my boyfriend’s choices (we take it in turns to pick a film every Sunday, but apparently I missed my second choice for some reason), hence why they are not as cute and fluffy as I would like. 

The first was Escape From Pretoria which is an Amazon Original. This was a classic prison break film and although I thought it was decent I wouldn’t watch it again. 

Secondly was Clash of the Titans. We came across it while scrolling through Netflix and my boyfriend chose to watch it. This is the type of film that I would probably choose myself as it’s based on Greek mythology and if you’ve been reading Young Creative Press for a while you will know that I love Greek mythology. 

Although it wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen I did really enjoy it and would maybe watch it again? I’m not sure.

TV Shows

I actually watched a surprising amount of TV shows last month. I’m still working my way through Glee, I’m now on season 4, and I finally finished Gilmore Girls. Honestly, I’m quite sad about that as I’ve also only got one episode of the spin-off left. So once I’ve watched that there’s no more new Gilmore Girls content. But I really loved it and I may watch them again in the future, but probably not binge-watching as I have been doing. 

Something myself and my boyfriend don’t do too often is watch TV shows together. We both have our own schedules and I get impatient and want to just binge everything. However, last month we watched three shows together. We’re currently working our way through Misfits, we’re on season three now but what’s the point of the show without Robert Sheehan? 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

We also finally got around to watching WandaVision which I was ridiculously excited for as Wanda has always been my favourite avenger. Now we’ve moved onto Falcon and the Winter Soldier and are watching it weekly, I’m enjoying it a lot so far. 

Locke and Key is another series that we finished in March. We both really enjoyed this and I’m excited for the next season to be available. 


My watching habits on Youtube barely ever change. I did recently branch out more and I now watch the entire OpTic Chicago team on Youtube. Honestly loving those guys was a complete shock to me, I had never even played a Call of Duty game and I definitely had no interest in watching it. However, they are all really funny and it’s interesting to see the game from a professional perspective. 

A new Youtuber that I started watching is Gab Smoulders. Long before this point, I kept saying that I was going to check her out and when I saw that she had an entire playthrough of Alice Madness Returns (one of my favourite games) I had to watch it. 

I’m currently watching her Stardew Valley playthrough as I’m obsessed with the game at the moment. Maybe let me know if you’d be interested in a post about games I’ve been playing/gaming in general as I’d be interested in that if you are. 

I don’t really have too much more to say about Youtube for March as I’m still watching the same people I always do. A possibility for next month’s post could be a round-up of my favourite videos from that month? I don’t know. But do let me know as that could be quite fun.

Let me know what you watched in March!

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