What I Watched: June 2021

June was the month of TV for me. I don’t usually get too much time to watch shows, however, I actually managed to sit down and watch four different ones. This probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but for me it is. 

I feel like I always ramble too much in the intro to this post, so I’m just going to jump right in. 


As per usual I didn’t really watch any films last month. I used to absolutely love films and would watch multiple a week, but that hasn’t been the case for some years now. 

The only film I did watch was Scott Pilgrim vs The World which, shock horror, I had never seen before. I remember trying to watch it a few times a couple years ago, but never getting past the five minute mark for some reason. Well this time I made it all the way through and quite enjoyed it. It won’t be going on my list of favourite films of all time, but it was good. 

TV Shows:

I spent an unusual amount of time watching actual TV shows for once. I finally finished The Bold Type which was phenomenal and is definitely one of my favourites shows. It just makes you feel so many different emotions and the writers have a real skill for making you empathise with the characters. I have laughed and cried at that show too many times.  

I even picked up where I left off with Fairy Tail. Which I just love so much. 

I talked about wanting to watch Fate: The Winx Saga in my very first post of this kind and guess what? I finally did it and I loved it. Yes it was a little bit cheesy, but it was also exciting and thrilling. I loved Winx when I was a kid, so seeing a more adult version of it was great. 

The last show I watched was Tiny Pretty Things and oh wow I was expecting it to be so steamy. I genuinely wanted to watch it because I love ballet, so imagine my surprise when they’re getting it on every ten minutes. Still it was pretty good and I’m a little sad that they haven’t announced a second season.  


The Youtube section of this post is pretty much always the same. I spent a lot of time trying to catch up with Clare Siobhan’s extreme vampire legacy streams and also her not so berry challenge which I have fallen way behind on. Also spoiler for July I’m about a generation and a half behind still. 

I am also still watching the Call of Duty League on a regular basis and was excited to watch my first ever lan tournament. OpTic are doing pretty well, but even if they weren’t I still love them. So far July has been looking great for them and I hope they can keep it up.


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