What I Watched: August 2021

August was a very good month for entertainment. Having actually watched a few films and starting a load of new shows, at no point during the month was I bored. 


Surprisingly I watched more than one film last month. Shocking I know.

The first film I watched was Moxie which I have been putting off since it came out. Moxie is one of my favourite non-fantasy standalones and I also really enjoyed the film. It was a very good adaptation and I think it will be important to a lot of young people. I will always sing Moxie’s praises with these continuing with the film. If you haven’t read or watched Moxie yet, you definitely should. 

I finally got around to watching the third To All The Boys I Loved Before after also putting it off since it came out. Not wanting it to end or to be a disappointment I often do this with films which I really need to stop doing. It’s not like once I’ve watched them all I’m never going to be able to watch them again. But anyway, the film did not disappoint and I still really love the series – I’ve never read the books but have wanted to so let me know if they are worth it! 

The last film I watched was The Kissing Booth #3. Now I watched this whilst feeling pretty crap from having the second vaccine and it honestly made me feel a little better. It was the usually silly quirkiness that I’ve come to expect from these films and it was a total joy to watch. There were some sadder parts but they didn’t detract from the overall fun. 

After writing this I’ve just realised that every film I watched in August was a book adaptation which I promise was a complete coincidence. 

*I do not own the rights to these logos however everything in this was picture was drawn by myself*

TV Shows 

I wasn’t feeling TV shows as much as usual last month and I only finished two short seasons of two different shows. These being I’m Not Okay With This and Free Rein, which I did only watch because of Freddy Carter. 

Myself and my boyfriend were recommended I’m Not Okay With This and honestly we both thought it was pretty crap. We just did not understand what was happening and basically, nothing interesting happened until the last episode and even then we just did not care about the plot twist enough to actually want to continue. Not like we could anyway as it’s been (unsurprisingly) cancelled. 

Free Rein has become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I know it’s aimed at kids/teens but I like that it is a super easy watch. Plus Freddy Carter is in it and I’m not ashamed to say that he is the only reason why I watched it in the first place. It is definitely something that I would have loved when I was younger and honestly I quite enjoy it now. 

I started watching The Umbrella Academy season two however, I have only watched like two episodes so it’s not worth talking about just yet. 

The latest addition to my watch list is The irregulars. I am watching this with my boyfriend so I haven’t finished it yet, but we are over halfway through the season and I really like it. We didn’t know anything about it before watching it, but I love that it’s an interesting take on Sherlock Holmes. We will definitely finish it during September so I will talk about it in full detail in next month’s post.  


As per usual my Youtube habits have hardly changed at all. I am still watching the same Youtubers, other than the addition of fish keepers. This may seem weird however I got fish as an early birthday present and I am now obsessed with fish videos. Yep, that does sound weird. 

Anyway, the main thing I watched on Youtube was The Call of Duty League Championships. Unfortunately, my favourite team didn’t place too well (top 5), however, the weekend was still super fun to watch. My second favourite time did place second so that was good at least. 

The whole weekend left me really on edge (in a good way) and seeing the stadium filled with fans and the passion that they have for the game was incredible to watch. I’m now very excited for next season. 


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  1. The Umbrella Academy is so much fun! I found Season 2 a little more complicating but by the end of the series everything kind of came together in a big dramatic way! I spent my summer binging Outer Banks, it’s my new favourite teen-show! 😂🙈

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