Book Confessions: YA Tropes I Love #2

I haven’t done a post of this type in quite a while and since the last one seemed to be very popular I thought why not do a second one. Tropes are something that, as readers, we are constantly talking about. Sometimes I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what tropes are in the books I love, but hey that’s what Google is for.

Now I definitely hate more tropes than ones I love, however, I’ve been pretty stressed lately so I wanted to do a happy post. 

Fake Dating 

I think a lot of people will agree with this one. There’s just something about people fake dating and then realising that they actually want to be together that I just love. It’s that moment when they realise that they actually have feelings, but they’re convinced that the other person could never feel the same, not realising that they actually do. That gets me every time. 

The angst. What’s not to love about the buckets of angst that this trope creates. This is probably just down to my preference for cheesy teen romances, so if you do know of any fake dating books about adults then please do let me know.

Now looking through the books with this trope that I’ve actually read, I realised that I basically haven’t really read anything with this. But I still bloody love it. Obviously, I’ve watched the To All The Boys I Loved Before films (which are great) and that is one of the books that I am mostly basing this off. 

Found Family 

Found family is the type of trope that pretty much everyone loves. As someone that has never been great at keeping friendship (sad I know) I love seeing strong friendships that evolve into families. 

This is the type of trope that is present in a lot of books, but you don’t really notice that it’s there. I would argue that any of Cassandra Clare’s books would fall into this as every institute has its own little ‘family’ of shadowhunters that most of the time are not related.

My favourite book with this trope is obviously Six of Crows, because that’s probably most people’s right? I adore the relationships between the crows and I really wish we got more books.  

Fated Soulmates 

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I actually really enjoy this trope from time to time. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily love it but I definitely like it. 

I love the idea that two people were always made to be together and that no matter what happens they will always find each other. So cute! Is it super sad and soppy for me to like this? Probably, but I do think it’s really nice sometimes. 

I find anything to do with fate in books really interesting. Especially when the two characters are trying everything in their power to change it, but they cannot deny the sexual tension that is very clear between them. 

After finishing this post I have realised that all of the tropes start with ‘F’. This was absolutely a coincidence but quite funny, so I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about my favourite F tropes. 

Let me know which trope out of these three is your favourite and any others that you would like to read my opinions on. 


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