What I Watched: September 2021

September was a month spent watching a lot of films and TV shows. Usually, I only watch one film and one or two episodes of a new show, however, in September I watched a plethora of things. Basically, I had a few days off work due to illness so I actually had time to chill out. 

I won’t go into too much detail on everything I watched because otherwise, we will be here all day.


The first film I watched in September was Me Before You. I’ve put off watching this film for so long because I knew it would be sad. I cried so much, I’m such an overly emotional person. 

I hate to admit it, but I did watch the new Cinderella on Amazon Prime. I still have no idea what was happening as the whole film felt like a wild fever dream, but I didn’t hate it. I quite liked the mix of modern songs with the older setting, but they did Camila Cabello dirty. She’s actually a very good vocalist and this film was not kind to her. Also, her acting was pretty decent. 

TV Shows 

A new show that I started last month was Only Murders in the Building. This is a brand new show that is available on Disney+ and yes I am watching it purely because Selena Gomez is in it. I just love her. 

The show is actually really good and at the point of this post going up I am behind by two episodes so no spoilers please if you are up to date. 

I finally got around to watching more episodes of The Umbrella Academy season two. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t actually finished it yet (I have two episodes left) but I really do enjoy it. Klaus is definitely my favourite. 

I’m still watching Free Rein, but I haven’t actually made much progress with it. I know I’ve included it in the graphic again this month, but basically I was being lazy and also didn’t have time or motivation to put into drawing.

My absolute favourite watch of the month was Sex Education season three. I cannot put into words just how much I love this show. Everything about it is just so amazing; the cast, the storylines, just everything. 

I loved how open and unapologetic the show is about important topics and how it’s not afraid to speak up about hard subjects. It has its serious moments, but it has such an overarching feel-good feeling that you can’t help but enjoy every second. If you haven’t seen it then I more than recommend that you check it out. 


I haven’t talked about it here yet, but have on my Twitter (check out the link below to follow me), but I set up my first ever fish tank last month. Basically, I’ve been watching a crap ton of videos about fish and tanks and it is pretty much all me and my boyfriend watch now. 

My two favourites are MD Fish Tanks and Fish For Thought and I just can’t get enough fish content. Which sounds really weird, but it’s a new hobby that I love. I will include a picture of my tank and fish when the plants have started looking really good.

Let me know your favourite film/TV show/Youtube channel that you watched last month.


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