Book Review: Mermaid Mimosa by Gina LaManna


When the king of the mermaids is poisoned, Lily is called to help with a problem she’s never faced before—one beneath the surface of the water. As she sets about creating a potion to save his life, however, she realizes this is only one part of a much, much larger problem.

One morning, Lily receives a letter from an anonymous source stating that The Faction is planning to launch an attack against The Isle. Can Lily stop her father and The Faction before it’s too late? Time is running out, and Lily can’t help but feel she’ll need a miracle to save the lives of the ones she loves…


I was honestly very disappointed with this book, and the one previous. This series has definitely lost its spark for me and I don’t think I will read any future instalments, although it did seem like this was the last. Well, I’m guessing that based on the ending, but it wasn’t said for definite.

The first couple of books in this series were really fun and I loved a new look at what magic could be. Getting to know the residents of The Isle and working to solve mysteries was great, but this series is definitely a few books too long. Especially considering that none of the issues that The Isle faces are carried over into each book, other than one underlying problem that gets solved a little too easily. 

The first thing that really annoyed me with this book was the fact that Lily, our main character, was surprised that a female mermaid was a guard. You live in a world where you can make literal magic cocktails, but that’s what you find unbelievable? 

That part alone almost made me put the book down. I just don’t get it. This was very out of character and considering that this series has a lot of strong female characters I was not expecting such a comment. 

I did however continue reading and honestly, I’m not sure why. There were so many continuity issues, my favourite being when a mermaid character ‘looked down at her feet’. You should have seen the confused look on my face and then the streams of tears as both myself, and my boyfriend who really couldn’t care less about books, were in fits of laughter. It’s probably a good idea to proofread books before you publish them. 

Now, don’t even get me started on the use of ‘chomping at the bit’. When I say this was used almost every chapter I am not being dramatic. It literally was. I can’t say anything else because I will literally rant for pages and pages as to why this was infuriating. 

I thought before I sat down to write this review that I liked this book at least a little, but I’m starting to see that I really didn’t. Back in September when I actually read this and featured it on my wrap-up I gave Mermaid Mimosa an extremely generous three stars (not sure what I was thinking there) well I am retracting one of those stars. The book wasn’t completely awful, even if I have made it sound that way, but I won’t be reading anything from this series again. 


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