Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2021

November has been my worst reading month so far. I have been in the biggest slump and it’s the same reasons as usual. Work, no free time and festive arcs that I’m not very interested in.

I did however find out that Kindle Unlimited has a lot of graphic novels available so I basically spent the entire month just reading those. 

Now if you read my to be read post for this month then you would have seen that I was determined to finally read A Curse So Dark and Lonely. Well I started it at the very beginning of the month and have not wanted to pick it up since. It’s not looking good for me actually reading that series. Maybe I will give it a go again soon. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Vol. 1: The Crucible (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Collected Editions #1) by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Robert Hack (Artist)

Read: 02/11/21 – 05/11/21

I really enjoyed the first part of this graphic novel series. It is a lot darker than the show, but I actually quite liked that. There are a few moments in it that are a bit questionable, especially considering this is quite recent, but they don’t ruin the fun experience of the read.

The art style is really cool, but everyone looks really old. I couldn’t help but laugh when everyone was commenting on how handsome Harvey is when he’s a teen that looks in his mid 40s. 

If you enjoyed the show then this is a great companion novel that includes the characters you already love in new and dark situations. 

Goodreads synopsis: “On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress Sabrina Spellman finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe from her family’s past has arrived in Greendale, Madame Satan, and she has her own deadly agenda.”

Locke & Key, Volume 1: Welcome to Lovecraft (Locke & Key #1) by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez (Illustrator)

Read: 13/11/21 – 14/11/21 

Locke and Key has been one of my favourite shows of 2021 so I thought why not check out the graphic novels. This is again a strange art style where everyone looks a lot older than they should, but it’s an eccentric style that really suits the story. 

I was surprised to find when reading this that the plot is way more fast paced than the show. Especially when a lot of content from the show hasn’t turned up yet. At some point I may continue reading these, but I’m not sure when as it definitely isn’t at the top of my list. 

Goodreads synopsis: “Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them. Home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all…”

Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 & 2 (Attack on Titan #1) by Hajime Isayama, Sheldon Drzka (Translator)

Read: 21/11/21 – 22/11/21

Attack on Titan is by far my favourite anime of all time. I desperately miss the show so I’m filling that void with the manga. 

I have no idea why I have read these up until now because I did go through a phase of just reading manga, but I’m glad that I’ve picked it up now. 

The plot of the manga (so far) is playing out exactly the same as the anime so I’m really enjoying getting to watch it all happen again. In this instance I am glad I’ve watched the anime before reading because it’s like the pictures are actually jumping off the page as I’ve seen it all happen before. 

Goodreads synopsis: “For the past century, what’s left of mankind has hidden in a giant, three-walled city, trapped in fear of the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming humankind, but the sudden appearance of an enormous Titan is about to change everything…”


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