The 12 Books of Christmas: Every Day in December by Kitty Wilson

*I was sent a copy of Every Day in December in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Harper Collins UK & Kitty Wilson*


Two people. One month to fall in love.

Belle Wilde loves December. Yes, she’s just lost her job and Christmas is not a good time to find yourself ‘financially challenged’. And yes, her parents are still going on about the fact that she really should have it all together by now. But Belle believes that in December, magic can happen.

Rory Walters hates December. Whilst it looks like his life is together, he’s still reeling from a winter’s night five years ago when his life changed forever. Now back at home, he’s certain that this will be yet another Christmas to endure rather than enjoy.

But as midnight on December 31st draws closer, Belle and Rory’s time together is coming to an end. With a little help from a Christmas miracle could Belle find the one thing she really wants underneath the mistletoe?


This was a very quick read. Once you get past the first few chapters the story flies by. I loved that each chapter was a single day of December and I actually think this structure is what made this book so easily readable. You could actually put the book down after a single chapter and feel like you’ve read a good amount of content. 

The first line of the synopsis ‘two people. One month to fall in love’ doesn’t really fit the plot of the book. I thought there was going to be an element of challenge or urgency for the characters to get together, but there really wasn’t. I really don’t understand why that was included. 

Belle was such a great main character, I really liked her a lot. She had her ups and downs throughout the book and at no point did I think she was annoying or overreacting – which you often see in this type of book.

One of my biggest pet peeves with festive romances is that the female main character can be a pushover and has zero backbone, but that was not the case here. At first, Belle was a pushover when it came to her family. However, she went through a realistic development throughout the book and she was a better person in the end because of it. She was definitely likeable from the start but by the end of the book, she was utterly lovable.

Over the course of the book, you really get to know Belle and Rory and notice the changes in their relationship. Their budding romance was very endearing to read and it was set at a fairly good pace. You could really see the relationship developing and these developments felt natural and believable. Which is often hard to come by in festive romances as everything has to happen within that one month. However, as the characters knew each other previously and had a lot of history it meant that nothing felt rushed or over the top.  

If you are looking for a super cute festive romance that is a fun and well-paced read then you will love Every Day in December. From the get-go I loved all of the characters and as I got further and further into the book I wanted nothing more than to see them happy. I would highly recommend this book. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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