My Reading Goals For 2022

Reading goals are not something I’ve ever thought of setting for myself… until now. Frankly, 2021 has not been the best year for me reading-wise and I want to make 2022 better.  

Usually, I am a chronic series reader. I love nothing more than binging an entire series and then contemplating what I will do with my life after. However, this year zero series read. Unless you count duologies then I read two (Six of Crows and Enchantee). 

It feels like this year has slipped right through my fingers even though I got off to a great start by reading seven books. It all went a bit downhill from there. Not downhill in the fact that I didn’t read much, just that I didn’t read anything I had brought previously. 

The entirety of 2021 was filled with advanced copies and even though I am extremely grateful to have such opportunities I wish I had set more time aside for other books. This is why I am creating this list today. 

So here are my reading goals for 2022:

1. Take more time to read the books I already own

As I mentioned above I am terrible for not reading the books I already own. This goes for physical and ebooks. I’m planning to either take on fewer ARCs or manage my reading time better so I’m not spending the entire year moving from one ARC to another. 

2. Finish the series I started in early 2020

This one hurts me a lot. Basically, I started both Throne of Glass and The Raven Cycle at the start of 2020 and I still haven’t finished them. With Throne of Glass I am up to Queen of Shadows, the size of this book is very intimidating to me as I work full-time so it will take forever to get through. 

With The Raven Cycle, I am up to Blue Lily, Lily Blue. No reason for putting this off other than I know how consumed I will get in the story and I don’t have the mental capacity to take it on right now. 

3. At least two re-reads of my favourite books 

Re-reads are not something I have ever really done, other than when I was a kid and had loads of free time. However, I want to treat myself to a couple of re-reads of my favourite books in the new year. 

4. Finally, read the books I have been putting on my tbr for months now

I’m awful for putting books on my to be read with no real intention of reading them anytime soon. This is why my to be read posts have been so short over the last few months. I decided to stop lying to myself about how much I could actually read. But hey I will get round to them at some point. Right? 

5. Lower my usual reading goal of 60 books to 50

Setting myself a high goal is something I do every single year. And every year I get really stressed around this time because I haven’t reached it and I don’t think I will. Well not in 2022. 

I know knocking 10 books of isn’t really that much of a difference, but it will seem like a lot to me. This way I need to read one book a week to stay on track, which sounds very doable to me.


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