What I Watched: January & February 2022

Well, this post has been a long time coming. I’m not sure what happened in February, but uploading blog posts was not it. Once again my job became very overwhelming and I just was not motivated or even able to get anything done. It’s my own fault for wanting to create a graphic for this every month that takes me absolutely forever to draw. 

I did actually start drawing the graphic for this post back in January and because I had already spent hours drawing logos for the shows I watched then, I just decided to combine January and February to make this a mega post. So strap in because this could get pretty lengthy. I’ll try my best to not ramble for too long though. 


As usual, the films section is the shortest of this post. For some reason films just aren’t my thing and I don’t find myself gravitating towards them often. There may have been more films than the ones I’m about to talk about but it has been so long that I actually can’t remember. 

One of the two films I did watch was Encanto. I jumped on the bandwagon after hearing about it everywhere and honestly, it was ok. I really liked some of the songs and they are still stuck in my head to this day, but there wasn’t anything too exciting about it for me. But that’s just my opinion so please do not come for me in the comments. 

The second film I watched was Free Guy. Now, this I enjoyed. As a big gamer, I loved the concept and honestly, Ryan Reynolds alone is a good enough reason for me to watch anything. It was really fun, didn’t take itself seriously, and actually made me laugh. So that makes for a pretty good film to me. 

Tv shows 

During January I suffered from an injury which meant I spent some time off work and l spent a lot of that time lying in bed watching TV. 

The first show I watched this year was Emily in Paris, well technically I started it in December as I remember starting season two when I got sent home from work (due to my injury). I’m still including it in this as the logo took me forever to draw. 

Although it can be very cringey I really, really love Emily in Paris. It’s such easy watching and the clothes are incredible. Lily Collins is one of my favourite actresses and who doesn’t love a hot french chef, am I right?  Basically, I’m already excited for the next season. 

During January both myself and my boyfriend had to spend a lot of time at home which meant we actually got to Locke and Key season two. I definitely didn’t enjoy the second season as much as the first, but we both thought it was pretty good still. 

February marked the month of me finally finishing Superstore. The ending felt like it came around too fast, but I didn’t hate it. Everything came together and it has become a bit of a comfort show for me. 

Another show I finally finished was Free Rein. I say finally like it was awful to get through, it actually wasn’t. Freddy Carter was the main reason for me watching it, but I definitely got very invested in the end. It’s a shame they never got to make more, but I’d much rather see Freddy as Kaz in Shadow and Bone. 

My main TV habits for the last few months have consisted of a third re-watch of Attack on Titan. When I tell you I’m still just as obsessed with it as when it came out, I would absolutely be telling the truth. My love for Attack on Titan knows no bounds and I’m really trying to pace myself through the last season as I don’t want it to end.


As per usual I spent most of my time watching Youtube. Gaming videos are pretty much all me and my boyfriend watch together and since I got a three-month free trial of Youtube premium it’s all we’ve really been watching. 

Gab Smoulders has been our main “youtuber” of choice, well mostly my choice, but my boyfriend likes her too. During January she uploaded a playthrough of Dark Souls and I spent most of my mornings watching each new episode. I really loved that series, it’s one that I’ll probably watch again at some point. 

I’m really trying to remember if Elden Ring was released in February or not. I actually can’t remember, but I’ve been bingeing Gab’s series of it every night and I’m still very behind. The game looks super fun and I’m tempted to give it a go myself.

Congrats if you made it to the end of this post. I think I succeeded in not making it ridiculously long?


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