What I Watched: April 2022

April has been a month spent mostly at home and the amount of TV I watched really shows that fact. Most of my time was spent with a knee injury so I was basically a couch potato the whole time and because of this, I did a lot of binge-watching. 


I really don’t remember watching any films last month other than Sonic, which feels ridiculously random. It had just been added to Netflix and of course, my boyfriend wanted to watch it, so we did. I actually really enjoyed it and I want to see the second one. 

Tv shows 

I spent the entire month absolutely binge-watching the crap out of Modern Family. I had seen a lot of episodes before, but never in chronological order and considering it’s on Disney+ I thought why not? I’m actually obsessed, it’s now one of my comfort shows and I’m already on season 5. Unfortunately, Disney+ doesn’t have all of the seasons so I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get to that point, but hopefully, I’ve found it somewhere else before then. 

I finally sat and finish Only Murders in the Building. For some reason, I completely forgot about it and at the moment I’m really into ticking things off my list so I watched the last few episodes and marked it as another show watched. I really love the vibe of this show and I already can’t wait for season two. 

Another show I ticked off my list was One Of Us Is Lying, which surprisingly my boyfriend asked to watch with me. I don’t think he was that into it, more so that he wanted to spend the time together, but I enjoyed watching it with him. Despite owning the book for years I am still yet to read it (oops) but I really liked the show. I can’t say whether or not it was a good adaptation but I found it enjoyable and I want to read the book soon.  

Last but by absolutely no means least is Heartstopper. When I tell you I am obsessed I’m not kidding. I watched the entire thing over two days (I wanted to watch it in one go, but life and working said no to that) and I am so in love with it it’s ridiculous. I already knew I was going to love it as the graphic novels are one of my favourite series ever and the show is looking to be the same. Everyone did such an amazing job at bringing my favourite characters to life and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This 100% has major comfort show vibes and already I am planning a second watch, potentially a third. 


I actually didn’t watch a whole lot of Youtube and basically just did my usual of watching Jacksepticeye. I’ve been making my way through his Elden Ring series, after buying the game myself. I’m in two minds as to whether I want to see the ending from his perspective to play it myself. The second option will take a very long time though. 

I’ve also been watching a lot of content from my favourite Call of Duty league team, the LA Thieves. They definitely have the best content out of all the teams and honestly, they are hilarious. Also, they’ve been streaming more recently which I love, but because they are in LA I can’t tune in as much as I’d like.


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