Top 5: Comfort TV Shows I Could Watch Again and Again

As with films I am also a comfort watcher with TV Shows, although I definitely don’t rewatch shows as often. Personally, I will consider something a comfort show even if it’s the first time I’m watching it. 

Below are five of my favourite comfort shows that I could again and again (which is the title of this post). 

Gavin & Stacey (2007 – 2019)

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this show. So many that I can pretty much quote every episode word for word. It’s just peak British humour and there won’t ever be anything like it again. 

The Christmas special in particular (the original not the new one) is a real comfort watch for me. In fact, I haven’t watched the newer Christmas special since it aired and haven’t given much thought to it. Not that I didn’t like it, but it didn’t feel the same.  

Honestly, I absolutely adore this series and I’m due a rewatch very soon.  

Synopsis: Gavin and Stacey have been continuing their romance online and on the telephone for the last six months. Now they want to be together but will their friends and family let them?

Number of seasons: 3

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer and Britbox

Gilmore Girls (2000 – 2007)

I’ve only watched the entirety of this series once through, but the comfort I get from it is immense. There’s something about films, shows and books set in small towns that really get me. I love how everyone knows each other and that they have special seasonal events. 

With that being said my particularly favourite episodes are the ones set around autumn and Christmas. Cosy vibes are off the scale.

I do want to rewatch this at some point but it’s a big commitment I’m not quite ready for at the moment. 

Synopsis: Lorelai Gilmore, an independent young woman, shares a close bond with her wilful daughter, Rory. However, her relationship with her own mother is strained.

Number of seasons: 7

Where to watch: Netflix 

Superstore (2015 – 2021)

The fact that this is so easy to watch is what makes it so comforting to me. I know that if I’m feeling down I can put any episode of this on and it will make me laugh. The humour is absolutely ridiculous but that’s why I like it. 

I’ve only watched the entire series through chronologically once, I watched random episodes here and there when it first came out, but I’ll probably watch it again soon. 

Synopsis: A group of employees working at Cloud 9, a big-box store in St Louis, Missouri, faces several challenges while dealing with customers and at the same time attending to their personal requirements.

Number of seasons: 6

Where to watch: Netflix and ITV Hub

Heartstopper (2022)

This is one of the newest additions to this list, but how could I not? Heartstopper in all its forms well and truly has my heart and I’m not mad about it. 

Instantly after finishing the last episode I wanted to start all over again. These characters are such a comfort for me and I’m so happy the show did them justice. 

Currently, I have a week off work and you can bet I’m going to be doing another rewatch of this. 

Synopsis: Heartstopper is a British coming-of-age romance streaming television series developed for Netflix based on the webcomic and graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman. Starring Kit Connor and Joe Locke, it tells the story of Charlie Spring, a gay schoolboy who falls in love with someone he sits next to in his new form, Nick Nelson, while also exploring the lives of Charlie and Nick’s friends: Tao, Elle, Tara, Darcy and Isaac.

Number of seasons: 1 

Where to watch: Netflix

Modern Family (2009 – 2020)

The second newest addition to this list. This show gives me the same vibes as Superstore. Real easy to watch with hilarious jokes. 

I’ve loved Modern Family for quite a while now, but I never had a chance to watch it from the very beginning.  Thankfully now I have Disney+ so I’m able to, but it doesn’t have all of the seasons which makes me sad. I’m on the lookout for somewhere to watch the final two seasons that isn’t going to cost more than your standard subscription rate, no Amazon I won’t be paying £15 per season thank you. 

Hopefully, I can find somewhere soon as I’m nearing the end of the seasons available to me. 

Synopsis: Three modern-day families from California try to deal with their kids, quirky spouses and jobs in their own unique ways, often falling into hilarious situations.

Number of seasons: 11

Where to watch: Disney+


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