What I Watched: June 2022

Apparently, June has been a month absolutely filled with watching films and tv shows. There were quite a few show releases that I was super excited about and surprisingly I didn’t do my fifth rewatch of Heartstopper. It took masses of willpower and busying myself with other shows, but I resisted. Can’t say it won’t happen in July though. 


I’ll be honest and say I really didn’t enjoy June, I had a massive work drama and I just felt awful. This is why I did a lot of comfort watching when it came to films. On the evening of the drama, I watched She’s The Man as it really is my ultimate comfort film. The nostalgia I get every time I watch it is immense and it makes me so happy. 

A few days later I watched Wild Child, another comfort watch classic. This film is extra special as it’s British so it’s so much more relatable. I love it so much. 

The last film I watched was Love & Gelato. I read the book of it a few years ago and I feel like the film was very different. It was decent, not brilliant but it was a good enough watch. The book was definitely better. 

TV Shows 

June has been the month of TV shows. I have never watched so much TV in my life and honestly, I had a great time. There were quite a few releases this month and they were all great. 

First Kill was the show I was most excited for and I did find it really enjoyable. I didn’t know anything about it before starting as I haven’t read the novella but it was pretty good. The theme song was catchy as hell, I’d find myself singing it without realising. 

Strangely, pun not intended, I wasn’t too excited for Stranger Things. But that swiftly changed as soon as I started watching it. The next volume is out tomorrow and honestly I’m so scared they’re going to kill one of my favourite characters. 

I absolutely loved Obi-Wan Kenobi. Personally I thought it was the best Star Wars show so far. The actor for young Leia was absolutely brilliant and she outshone everyone. Pure cuteness. Getting to see Vader again was also very fun. I highly recommend it if you’re a Star Wars fan. 

I went through a few weeks straight of bingeing Pretty Little Liars. I’m past that phase now, maybe I’ll get back into it again but I’m currently bingeing Sabrina The Teenage Witch, it’s a lot less unhinged which is saying a lot. 


My Youtube habits this month have most consisted of getting through the videos on my watch later. These mostly being Clare Siobhan’s Sims 4 ‘Not So Berry’ series. I’m now completely up to date and I’m not sure how sad I am about it ending. 

June saw the release of the latest Supermassive Games game, The Quarry and oh my how much did I love it? Well a lot. Obviously, I watched my favourite gamer Jacksepticeye play it and I loved his playthrough. 

I enjoyed the game so much that I’m planning to watch another playthrough of it soon, I’m hoping to see a completely different outcome the second time round.


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  1. I completely relate to the June thing–I had a crappy sort of month too, and I’m sorry you did. I’m glad you found so much comfort to binge-watch though–Sabrina is a great choice!

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