Single Review: The Silence You Asked For by Kayble

The Silence You Asked For is the latest release from Swindon/Bristol-based artist Kayble. Boasting a wholly self-recorded and produced project, Kayble was born from the confinement of four walls with just a laptop and a wardrobe to record from. It seems that the project is one from the heart, a feeling that becomes apparent when listening to Kayble’s back catalogue. Each track finds a way to connect to its audience with a narrative that is both personal and relatable. 

There is no messing around, The Silence You Asked For opens with a whole stack of layers. Absolutely no space is left unused. Kayble has taken full advantage of any areas that could have been noiseless to create a sound overflowing with a feeling of self-reflection. 

The movement of The Silence You Asked For feels completely natural, and I really enjoy the moments where the vocal pulls back to allow the instrumentation to take centre stage. The ebb and flow of this create a swaying motion which lends to the track’s feeling of searching for relief in the aftermath of a significant loss. 

Kayble’s vocals have this wonderfully expressive tone to them that it’s hard not to get swept up in the lyrics. Before you even realise the track has reached its epic conclusion in a whirl of intricately layered music that is both anthemic and emotive. 

The Silence You Asked For is the type of track that leaves an impact. The constant sway of the melody matched with Kayble’s smooth vocals leaves you feeling content despite the track’s melancholic undertone.

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