What I Listened To: July 2022

Welcome to another new series. I’ve wanted to talk about what I listen to for a long time, but I’ve been struggling to come up with a format. Well until now.

Music has once again become a large part of Young Creative Press, but I don’t just want to be reviewing it. Instead, I want to talk about my favourite songs of the month and also podcast episodes I have been loving.

Let’s dive in, shall we? (pun not intended, which doesn’t make sense now but it will)

Top songs for July – based on times streamed:

Dover Beach by Baby Queen – I’ve quite literally been playing this song every day for the last couple of months. The Heartstopper playlist is a wonderful thing as it’s shown me music I never would have listened to before. Now Baby Queen is one of my favourite artists and I can’t get enough of her music.

Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo -Everyone and their dog knows who Olivia Rodrigo is by now and if you aren’t obsessed with her, well I don’t know what to say to you. She is incredible, her songwriting skills are incredible and she’s just so fun.

Jealousy, Jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo – I think this is my favourite track from Olivia. It plays more to her rockier sound and as someone who almost only listens to rock and pop punk, it’s right up my street. Big love for Olivia on Young Creative Press.

Dive In by Pierce The Veil – I’d genuinely be shocked if Pierce The Veil didn’t show up on here. Liking pop punk was never a phase for me and Pierce The Veil remains one of my favourite bands of all time. Dive In is a track I listen to often as it’s in my faves playlist, actually, all of these tracks are. Now that I’m thinking about it that playlist really needs a sort out.

Creature of the Deep by Ahsoka – Ah, what a track. This is my favourite song by Ahsoka, even if I am biased because it’s my boyfriend’s band. But trust me when I say it is so good. Ahsoka actually have more music coming out soon, so if you haven’t checked them out already, what are you playing at?!

Favourite podcast episode of the month

Currently, the only podcast I am listening to is Hey Now! Hey Now! I recently discovered it and I am so obsessed. It was actually the inspiration for my re-watch review series and my format for it is loosely based on Hey Now! Hey Now! If you are around my age (23) or a little older you will love this podcast.

Synopsis: Hey Now! Hey Now! is the popular nostalgia podcast where two childhood friends discuss their favourite childhood movies. In each episode longtime BFFs, Emily Sandford and Barney Leigh choose a 90s or 00s classic that modern-day millennials can hard relate to. Now THAT’s “what dreams are made of”!

One of my favourite episodes, so far, is A Cinderella Story. I love this film as it is so hilarious and quotable and I think Emily and Barney reviewed it very well. Throughout the episode, Emily did an impression of Jennifer Coolidge which was hilarious and absolutely spot on.

You’ll find it hard to not laugh at any episode of this podcast, trust me.

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