What I Watched: July 2022

July was a month spent watching a lot of good content. I made very good use of my subscription services and although I didn’t spend a ton of time glued to my TV I watched a good number of things. 


My soft spot when it comes to films has to be Disney Channel originals. I’ve always loved them and that hasn’t gone away as I’ve gotten older. My latest watch has been the Zombies trilogy. I was actually surprised by how they were and how catchy the songs are. I’ve only heard them once but I already know a lot of the lyrics. Quite impressive really. 

I wasn’t sure whether or not to mention Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging in this post as I did a pretty in-depth review of it for my re-watch review series. It’s one of my favourite nostalgic films. If you want to read about how much I love it you can check out my review here. 

TV Shows

Just like everyone else on the planet I watched Stranger Things season four volume two last month. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with the last few episodes and I don’t think anything can really top the first season. It was still pretty good though. 

I’ve been doing quite the binge of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. This show is super nostalgic for me and it’s actually my namesake which is pretty cool. My name isn’t Sabrina, although I wish it was, I’m named after the actress who plays her.

I haven’t finished it yet but I did watch a lot of Attack on Titan. Sometimes I can’t handle the intensity of it and not knowing what’s going to happen really put me on edge so I keep putting it. Terrible I know, I could finish the mangas and then I’d know, but I don’t know if I want to do it that way round or not.  

Watching non-English shows isn’t something I do often as I have the attention span of a toddler. But I knew I needed to watch Young Royals and there was no way I could watch the dubbed version I find the (obviously) unsynced audio too distracting. I loved Young Royals, like a lot. My attention span was pretty good when watching but at times I’d start scrolling through Twitter with it on in the background like I understand Swedish or something. How silly of me. 

Just last week I finally got around to watching the final season of Derry Girls. I am so sad it’s over as I genuinely think it is one of the funniest shows ever made. Personally, the ending left a lot to be desired but I enjoyed it all the same. 


Stray, the cute cat game everyone is playing right now. I didn’t know what to expect from a playthrough of this game but I knew if I watched Jacksepticeye it would at least be funny. The game had a lot more substance than I expected and as always Jacksepticeye was completely entertaining. 

In July I had a real reason to enjoy the Call of Duty League. Lately, I’ve found it pretty boring as I don’t like Vanguard very much. However, my favourite team the LA Thieves won major four! They played very well during the qualifiers and made an impressive run at the major. I’m super proud of them and now I’m excited, but nervous to watch Champs in a few days. 

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