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LA-based experimental pop band supergloom have recently released their self titled debut EP. The four-piece comprising of Shane Graham on drums, Bertrand Velky on guitar and vocals, Peter Doherty on keyboard and vocals and Ethan Walden on bass formed in 2021 after releasing covers on Youtube. 

Opening the EP is supergloom’s first ever release Cut the Ties. The track currently boasts over 50,000 streams with these numbers sure to grow. 

Whisper soft harmonised vocals give the track a heavenly style atmosphere, you are instantly drawn in. Bright pinging guitars cut through the wonderful vocals to ground Cut The Ties in this dimension. The track speaks of being true to yourself and fully embracing it.

Around halfway through Cut The Ties changes in both pace and sound. A moment of pulled-back instrumentation swoops in to land at a crescendo that brings the energy of the track to new heights. 

The echoey vocals surrounding the bridge section are a nice touch that brings a new level of interest to Cut The Ties.

Next up is the electrifying second single EONA. A sense of urgency is created with the quickly plucked guitars and rolling drums. Pair these with a heavily present bassline and you’ve got yourself a funkier-sounding track than what you’ve heard so far from supergloom. This plays very well to supergloom’s more experimental style. 

Halfway through the EP you are greeted by Better Life. This track opens with a darker guitar tone which really supports the minor moments in the melody. Vocal harmonisation is clearly a real strength of this band and the layers of vocals they are able to present is very impressive. 

The penultimate track is Waiting For The Day. the previously unreleased track gives its listener a real sense of hope. 

The instrumentation on this track is very interesting. With a smooth swinging feeling the sound is somewhat jazz inspired and honestly, I am loving the versatility of supergloom. 

Present throughout the entire EP are the stunning vocals from Bertrand and Peter. Stacks of harmonies give every track a full sound that is truly wonderful. 

Closing the ep with a more upbeat rack than what we’ve heard from the self-titled EP so far is See How They Run. Swelling vocal harmonies again lend to this heavenly body style of vocals I’m now understanding are a huge part of supergloom’s sound.

There is a sense of conclusion to the EP’s closing track. Bringing a perfect close to what has been an impactful release, See How They Run features rich layers and a complex sound. 

The end of the track actually surprised me, I was expecting it to slowly fade out with sonically rich layering harmonies, but no. The band have turned what we know about them on its head and closed their debut EP with a short snappy conclusion. Very interesting.

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