EP Review: Pacific by AA-Legrand

Pacific is the debut long form release from Berlin based indie producer and songwriter AA-Legrand, also known as Simeon Loth. The conception of Pacific began way back in 2019 when Simeon turned to producing music of his own after recording many artists over the years. The opening track Shade Of A Giant was the first to be created back in 2019 and since then AA-Legrand has gone from strength to strength. With a project that is produced almost entirely solo, other than mastering, Simoen Loth is now boasting over 14,000 streams and 2000 monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Opening the EP is Shade Of A Giant. Calm guitars accompanied by smooth vocals wash over you for the track’s beginning. Almost straight away the vocal harmonies sweep in and are very pleasing and also soothing. You feel safe in the embrace of Shade Of A Giant.

A thumping drum beat brings the tempo of the track up and feels like blood rushing through your veins. There is an intensity to this track that lies deep beneath the surface level. Giving even more thought to the drums they feel like an echo of your heartbeat in times of extreme anxiety. 

Pair this with the bright guitars and you have got yourself an oxymoron of a track. You feel safe but also like something big and terrifying is lurking around the corner. This feeling carries throughout the entirety of the track with a feeling so insanely raw you can’t fight the need to listen to Shade Of A Giant again just to get that spike of adrenaline you felt the first time. 

Second up is a softer track by the name of Slow, Sleep, Fall. The intensity of the first track Shade of A Giant is brought down immensely with the soft, slow opening. This time you are treated to full frontal vocals from AA-Legrand that emit a honey-like smooth tone you would happily drown in. 

Pure emotion is pouring from this track in every way it possibly can. The smooth vocals, the lilting instrumentation, the lull of the lyrics and the story they tell. Slow, Sleep, Fall is quite beautiful. 

Closing the EP is a velvety track known as All Your Love. Completely different to the previous tracks you are treated to AA-Legrand’s wonderful vocals that are backed by a clean and bright guitar further accompanied by a synthesised ambience.  

The main vocal line is joined in harmony by Alexandra Gheorghe to create a lulling sensation that gives All Your Love a sense of falling into the unknown. The harmonies create a beautiful sound that feels effortless in its delivery.  

There is a complexity to the build up of the track that takes the EP to new heights. The bridge section brings together all instrumentation to produce a sound that is atmospheric and ethereal. A distorted fadeout brings All Your Love and Pacific to a conclusion that feels like resounding peace.  

Despite its intense emotive tones, this EP is a release that possesses an easy listening quality. Pacific is absolutely jam-packed with raw emotion and atmosphere. You are transported to a different world with every track, on a journey you don’t want to end. A song should make you feel something and AA-Legrand has done that not only once, but three times.

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