Graphic Novel ARC Review: Talli, Daughter of the Moon Vol. 1 by Sourya Sihachakr

*I was given a copy of Talli, Daughter of the Moon Vol. 1 in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Oni Press and Sourya Sihachakr*


Talli is a Summoner: a nearly extinct people, hunted by those who fear their mysterious powers. As a baby, she was adopted by Lord Koska, and all was well for many years… But one day, their castle is sacked by Koska’s rival, Lord Ulric. Talli escapes in the chaos and darkness with the help of the noble (some might say too noble) knight Sir Alan.

With Ulric’s forces hot on her heels, Talli and Alan keep one step ahead, gathering a motley crew of companions and protectors that includes the lethargic-but-incredible swordsman Lélo. Ulric’s Captain Nina pursues them doggedly, but she is unaware of the secret of Talli’s blood: the secret of the Summoners!


Talli, Daughter of the Moon was a quick and fun read, you can never really go wrong with a graphic novel. Although I will say the narrative moved at a strange pace for me. You were thrown straight into the action, which is great, but there are no real moments of resolution or times where they weren’t fighting. Obviously, action is very important in these types of stories as you want to keep the reader interested, but the part I enjoyed most was learning about Talli’s past. 

The lore behind the summoners was really interesting and I liked getting more information on the characters. So far in volume one everyone feels a little flat and I’m not rooting for anyone yet. With graphic novels/mangas it is very difficult to make your reader love the characters in such a short time, so hopefully, volume two will give more character backgrounds and development. 

The art style of Talli, Daughter of the Moon was pretty good, but personally, I feel like the finer details were lost. At times I would have to sit and stare at the page to realise what I was looking at, these moments mostly being when no characters were shown. I will say that I love Talli’s character design though. She’s very cool. 

In my opinion, I think the art design of this graphic novel would benefit from being in colour. It’s supposed to be a shock that Talli has white hair but as Talli, Daughter of the Moon is all black and white you don’t get that. The cover art is lovely, but I do understand the immense time it takes to colour an entire graphic novel. 

The story seems like a promising one and I will definitely be checking out Volume two when it becomes available.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Talli, Daughter of the Moon is available for pre-order!

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