Single Review: Your Charming Head by Lupe Dragon

Your Charming Head is the latest release from Northern New Jersey singer-songwriter Lupe Dragon. Since the release of her debut EP in 2018 Lupe Dragon has created a solid back catalogue of music. 

A sweeping introduction builds to acoustic guitars and drums that feel hopeful. Lupe’s vocals are sweet but hold a slight edgy grit. These pay tribute to one of the inspirations behind Lupe Dragon’s music, Paramore.  

A consistent drum beat keeps Your Charming Head from losing energy and momentum. If you told me this track was released in the 2000s I would have believed you. The 2000s was one of my favourite decades for music and Your Charming Head sounds like it’s jumped right out of it. I could imagine the track and its music video playing on Kerrang! back in the day, and as someone that watched the channel religiously after school this is a huge compliment. 

The chorus is pure pop rock. Bright guitars and an upbeat tempo mask the lyrics which have a more melancholic meaning. The lyrics explore the feelings you go through when someone tells you they don’t love you anymore. They are a journey that takes you through sadness, fear and anger.

Despite all of this Your Charming Head carries a nostalgic vibe that has a pure feel-good feeling, you can’t help but nod along to this fun track. Your Charming Head is a real break-up anthem.

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