Audiobook Review: A Tail as Old as Time by Elle Hay


Ever since Alana Diaz adopted her cat Furrari, she has found herself in a feud with her infuriating neighbour, whom she knows only by the name on the passive-aggressive notes he leaves on her door – R. Jones. Alana works hard all day, and the last thing she needs when she finally relaxes on her balcony with a glass of wine and her new furry roommate is her neighbour’s dog barking his head off. The only solution is to retreat inside. So what if her neighbour has smouldering good looks? It’s ruined when he glares at her little fuzzball of joy for upsetting his dog Kevin. And who the hell names their dog Kevin, anyway?

But when Furrari and Kevin both go missing, Alana and Jones are left with no choice but to team up. As their pets lead them through the beaches, fancy hotels, and more all over Coral Gables, two lonely, jaded people might find they’ve been chasing the wrong things all along.


Ok, so I have to get this out right away. I had no idea the cat’s name was ‘Furrari’ the narrator pronounced it as Ferrari, as in the car. This is absolutely hilarious. Was the narrator too embarrassed to say FURrari? Because honestly same. Very funny. 

It’s a shame that this is where the comedy of this ended. This seems weird to say as I didn’t realise until after that this was the cat’s name. But honestly, there was no comedy in this and since it’s being sold as a rom-com I felt robbed. To be honest there isn’t even that much romance in this either. Which I suppose makes sense as it’s only a novella but from the cover I expected this to be super cute. The little romance that was in this seemed a bit forced as personally, I didn’t think the characters had much chemistry. 

A Tail as Old as Time was trying to serve enemies to lovers but it fell very flat for me. They had one disagreement for a few days they are not enemies.

Speaking of the main characters I actually found them both quite annoying. They were arrogant and thought way too much of themselves and just didn’t communicate like real people. The issue with their pets could have been solved without the ridiculous chase. Also surely a kitten can’t run so fast that an adult human couldn’t catch up to them? And on a motorbike too… Come on. I understand the dog being fast because it’s a large breed. But anyway. 

The best part about A Tail as Old as Time is that it is such a quick listen. The story was decent and the narrator did a pretty good job. But they are the only positives. There aren’t really any negatives as this was ok, but I feel like it would have benefitted from being slightly longer.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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