Single Review: Lover Dearest by Ahsoka

Artwork Credit: Molly John

Lover Dearest is the latest track from Brighton alt-rock band Ahsoka. The track is the trio’s fifth single alongside a debut EP of three tracks.  

Keeping an all too common genre of rock exciting is not an easy thing to do however as a three-piece with no bassist, Ahsoka are doing just that. The absence of a bass player is not something that is easily noticed as with the power of pedals they are able to create a sound that rumbles through your very soul.

With gut-punching vocal, monstrous drums and brutal guitar, Ahsoka are making music with an intensity that is pure electric.

A gentle guitar begins the journey of Lover Dearest. Rhiannon’s vocals soon follow in a softer style than what has been heard in previous releases. But do not be fooled by this mellow opening this track is full of surprises. 

Echoed vocals give the track a full feeling and just when you are getting settled into the lulling atmosphere the tension is snapped by great crashing drums and a filthy guitar tone. The effect is transcendent, Lover Dearest pulls you into its orbit with no plans of releasing you. A fate you don’t mind falling victim to. 

What I love most about Lover Dearest is the space it has to allow each member to shine. With an explosive drum section and an impressive guitar solo, Tommy and Alex get to show exactly what they are made of. Rhiannon is also given the chance to show the listener the extent of her vocal prowess in what can only be described as an emotionally rich performance. 

Lover Dearest is Ahsoka’s best release yet, which is saying a lot because Creature of the Deep is my absolute favourite. Honestly, I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have one of my favourite Ahsoka songs released.

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