Single Review: Come Home by MASK

Come Home is the latest release from Bedford/Milton Keynes-based duo MASK. Since their formation in 2018 by Brad Arnold (bass and vocals) and Reece Mott (drums) the band have an impressive history of live shows/festivals and even have a further two EPs set to be released in the next year. 

The track will be the first release from the band since 2020 and trust me the wait is worth it. The last release for MASK was their debut EP Addiction and Dependency which I reviewed. You can read it here if you want.  

Come Home greets you with a lively opening. The crunchy guitars paired with thumping drums sweep into the vocals. As always with MASK these are an absolute treat to listen to. Brad has such a wonderfully clear tone with just the right amount of grit on the underside which makes any release from MASK an instant hit with me. 

The track has a blend of styles which offers a more contemporary sound than what has been heard from the duo so far. It feels very fresh, I like it.

The high-energy chorus is so super catchy that after just one listen I found myself humming along to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself mimicking the soaring vocal line performed incredibly by Brad. Come Home will be stuck in your head and trust me when I say you won’t hate that fact. 

Come Home is set to be released on August 29th with an accompanying music video that hints at a future release. Don’t believe me? You’ll have to check it out for yourself.

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