Single Review: Leader In The Eye by Higgs Field

Leader In The Eye is the latest release from Australian alternative rock band Higgs Field. Marking their first release in 2022, the single is following a seven track EP named Paracusia which was released back in 2021. Leader In The Eye is a lead up for Higgs Field’s upcoming debut album.

There is no build in momentum for this track, straight away you are hit square in the face by an electrifying guitar riff. The vocals come steaming rolling in and what a performance from lead singer Dylan Leggett. His tone offers just the right amount of grit and aggression. 

Every inch of this track is filled. Higgs Field left no room for breathing, if there aren’t ringing guitars or rolling drums there are layers of vocal harmonies. The layering and dynamics of Leader In The Eye are very intricate and exciting. 

The bridge section of the track is particularly interesting. It really utilises the band’s great use of layers and brings a whole new energy to the track. The drums become far more intense with a rhythm that is thrown at you with breakneck speed. As much as I enjoy the vocal performance, this section is by far my favourite. 

Leader In The Eye is anthemic through and through. This song is one to get your blood rushing through your veins with its high energy and impassioned storytelling.

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