Re-Watch Review: Heartstopper S1-EP4

Episode Synopsis

Secret: Charlie and Nick agree to keep their relationship a secret at school while Nick figures things out. Nick’s friend Imogen asks him out on a date 


Kit Connor … Nick Nelson

Joe Locke … Charlie Spring

William Gao … Tao Xu

Yasmin Finney … Elle Argent

Olivia Colman … Sarah Nelson

Corinna Brown … Tara Jones

Kizzy Edgell … Darcy Olsson

Tobie Donovan … Isaac

Rhea Norwood … Imogen

Sebastian Croft … Ben Hope

Cormac Hyde-Corrin … Harry Greene

Best Character

There is no way you can convince me that Darcy is not the best character of this episode. She has so many iconic lines and it’s great to finally see her character take on more of a main role. Darcy is my favourite character in the graphic novels so it makes sense she’s my favourite in the show too. Kizzy is a great Darcy, they did an amazing job.

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

The young Higgs student who is talking with her friend about Tara and Darcy kissing at Harry’s party is such a queen. She doesn’t care at all that they’re lesbians and she even shot down her friend who was being a bit snide about it. We stan a queen.

Favourite Scenes

The opening scene is so sincere it melts my heart. Nick and Charlie are really shy around each other and it is so cute. Well until Charlie’s stupid mom comes and ruins it, she’s actually quite mean to him. 

The moment where Nick kisses Charlie to get him to stop spiralling means everything to me. This whole scene is beautiful and heartfelt. The more I watch it the more I love it.

Also, can I say if I were Charlie I’d be well annoyed if a soaking wet Nick Nelson sat on my bed. He does make up for it I suppose.

Charlie running out to kiss Nick in the street is so flipping cute. Especially the little smile he does before saying bye and running back home. It’s one of my favourite moments from the graphic novel; they did it so well.

So I always talk about Nick and Charlie in this section but they have the cutest scenes. One of my favourites of episode 4 is when they are sitting in the medical office (is this what they are called?). It has my favourite ‘heartstopper moment’ of the episode which I’ve just noticed refers back to the one in the first episode where Charlie imagines that Nick tells him that he’s also gay. It’s a really nice touch as now Charlie knows that Nick does actually like him back and it’s just very cute.

Best Quotes/Lines 

Nick: I’m having a proper, full-on gay crisis.

I feel so bad for Nick in this scene but for some reason, this line tickles me every time. Everyone’s been there Nick don’t worry. 

Charlie: Well, it’s hard to be confident when they all see me as a stereotypical gay boy who can’t do sports. 

Coach Singh: A lot of gay people are good at sports, Charlie.

Coach Singh is one of my favourite supporting characters in the graphic novel. Even if she is a bit of a stereotype. A lesbian P.E teacher is slightly questionable as it is such a huge stereotype but she is an important character to be fair. 

Higgs Student: Actually, when you think about it, there are 1,200 people at this school, so at least a few of them are going to be lesbians.”

I love this girl she is saying nothing but facts. Remove that stigma about lesbians at all girls schools. Again we stan a queen. 

Imogen: One minute I hear you and Nick are a thing, the next I hear you’re kissing some girl at Harry’s party.

Darcy: Tara literally kisses her girlfriend at a crowded party, and people are still asking her if she’s dating a guy she kissed once when she was 13?

Imogen: So that girl is her girlfriend?

Darcy:  That girl? I’m right here!

You tell her Darcy, I love her sass. This leads to potentially my favourite interaction of the whole show.

Imogen: I’m not, like, homophobic. I’m an ally.

Tara: Congratulations? 

Darcy: We thank you for your service.

The best line without a doubt, I don’t think any other interaction in the show could top this. It’s so sassy and sarcastic. 

Darcy: Charlie! My guy. I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m mainly here to get acquainted with the local gays, but, you know, you and Nick Nelson are looking suspiciously couple-y.

Not only is this hilarious but I’m also convinced that Darcy is all-knowing. I mean Nick and Charlie aren’t exactly subtle but when would Darcy have seen them together? 

Charlie: Why are the other team literal adult men? 

I don’t know why but this cracks me up every time. Charlie looks so offended by the other team it’s hard not to laugh at it. 

Favourite Outfit 

I’ve got to give it to Darcy again. The outfit she wears to Charlie’s rugby match is such a vibe. A blue and white cropped fleece with high-waisted mom jeans. What a look, I want this outfit.

I also need to give a shout-out to Elle’s hair at the rugby match. It is stunning. I love her jumper too, Elle has some of the best outfits.

Favourite Setting

I don’t think I really have one that I haven’t mentioned before. Charlie’s bedroom will always be one of my favourites because it’s so cosy. 

However, the little medical office Charlie is in after getting hurt at the rugby match could be a contender. That might be a bit weird to say as it’s a place for hurt people, but the moment he and Nick share in there is so beautifully sincere I can’t help but love it. Plus when Isaac barges in it’s one of the funniest moments in the show. He knew exactly what he was doing. 

Best Musical Moment

There aren’t many musical moments I really like in this episode. Usually, I’m trying to pin it down to just one, but in episode four there is only one. 

I had never heard this song before watching Heartstopper, but it’s actually quite good. The best musical moment of Heartstopper episode four is Heart by Flor which plays when Charlie is practising his rugby tackles. 

Thoughts/Opinions That Don’t Fit Into A Specific Category 

It will never fail to make me laugh when Nick puts up the umbrella after standing in the pouring rain. That boy has major chaotic energy and I am here for it.

Imogen mentions having morning detention at the start of the episode but we never find out why. Personally, I thought she was a goody-goody type of character so I really want to know what happened.

Isaac is definitely the smartest character. He knew Nick and Charlie were together before anyone else. My man is full of wisdom.

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