What I Watched: August 2022

August has not been a great month for me, I have not had a good time. Firstly it feels like it’s been dragging on forever and secondly I’ve been dealing with sickness and just not great times. I’ve been watching a lot of TV just try and distract myself and it worked for the most part. Anyway enough of me being depressing here is my August watched. 


As I was sick for about a week and a half this month I spent a lot of it wrapped in a blanket watching TV. I like to watch kiddy cartoon films when I’m not well as they’re easy watching. The first film (that I can actually remember) is Hotel Transylvania 4. I actually really love these films and although none can be as good as the first this was still pretty good. 

On the same night I watched Scoob which is the latest Scooby Doo adaptation. Now I absolutely love Scooby Doo, it was my favourite show growing up and I still enjoy it now, however, this was not good. It didn’t feel like a Scooby Doo film at all. The first 15 minutes or so had the right vibe, it was Halloween and they solved a mystery. But then it introduced superheroes and it had space stuff in it, so I lost interest. They tried to make a joke with the unveiling of the bad guy, but it just wasn’t funny. It actually made me really sad.  

TV Shows 

I actually allowed myself to have some days off this month so I’ve done quite the binge-watch of TV shows. My boyfriend and I watched the entirety of The Sandman on Netflix and we both thought it was really good. I love anything by Neil Gaiman I think he is incredible. 

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve finally finished Modern Family. I did a very cheeky thing and binged it with a week-long free trial of Now TV and honestly, the last two seasons were not the best. The end came around too quickly and it seemed like they threw the last few episodes together with no real thought. Alex getting with Arvin was such a weird decision, why would you date your sister’s ex? They really did not care for her character very much. Anyway, it was still enjoyable and I love the show a lot. 

Speaking of my Now TV trial, I also watched the entirety of Euphoria in the space of about three days. I was sick, don’t judge me. I’m not quite sure what I thought about it. The sex and nudity felt pointless a lot of the time and didn’t add much to the story. Also why the hell is this set in a high school? It would still make sense if they were in college or something, it feels wrong that this show is about a bunch of 16/17 year olds. 

One of my favourite Netflix shows came back with a new season this month, Never Have I Ever. Devi is an absolute mess and I love her for it. She never makes good decisions but that’s what makes it so entertaining. I just want to add that I’m so over Paxton, the guy isn’t even that good looking, never mind the real-life age gap between them. 

You will also be pleased to know that I’ve finally watched The Umbrella Academy season three. I love how wacky this show is and I can never have too much Robert Sheehan in my life. Every character he plays is just an extension of his actual personality and it’s so funny. I have a few episodes left so I don’t know how it ends yet, but I do know it’s been given one last season. Four seasons is the perfect amount for a show if you ask me. 


About a week ago I decided I wanted to watch every Resident Evil game in chronological order. It’s my favourite game franchise and I don’t know anything about a few of the games. Luckily one of my favourite Youtubers Gab Smolders has a playthrough of almost every single game. I watched her Resident Evil 1 playthrough before realising she also did Resident Evil 0 so I’m currently making my way through that one. I will most likely be mentioning this again in next month’s post as there are over 100 videos to watch. My love for this game is real if you can’t tell. 

A couple of nights ago my boyfriend and I were scrolling through Youtube and we came across a channel called WorstPremadeEver. They’re a group of friends who play online multiplayer games and my god are they funny. We clicked on the initial video as it was Skyrim and we’re both huge fans of the games and honestly no regrets. We’ve watched a ton of their videos since and they are hilarious. A happy accident you could say. 

Twitch wise I have pretty much only been watching Octane, who plays for the LA Thieves. As it’s the off-season he’s been playing games other than Call of Duty and I’m loving it. There have been loads of horror streams, which are my personal favourite, and currently he’s playing Resident Evil 7 which is my favourite Resi game. Also he has a cute dog and I can’t tell you how excited I get when he walks across the screen. Super cute and the streams are so much fun.

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