What I Listened To: August 2022

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t listen to music very often in August. The majority of the month was spent at home as I was sick for almost two weeks. During this time I basically rotted on my sofa watching TV so listening to music wasn’t something I did very much. 

I did however listen to quite a few podcast episodes so I at least have those to talk about. 

Top Songs For August – Based On Times Streamed:

Lover Dearest by Ahsoka – This is the latest release for Ahsoka (read my review if you want) and it’s great. I am slightly biased as it’s my boyfriend’s band, he’s the guitarist, but it is genuinely a great song. 

Hello by Mallory Knox – This song is always in my top played somewhere. I really miss old Mallory Knox and this song is so fun to sing. I love it, one of my faves.

Potential Breakup Song by Ally & AJ – Ok hear me out. This is the song of my childhood. Sing Star Disney had me screaming this song like I’d been through a breakup at the mere age of 10. Honestly, this song is still great and the updated more adult version is even angrier. Love it.

Secret Garden by Spiritbox – Spiritbox is another that always appears in my top played somewhere. This album is one of my favourites of all time and it’s my go-to if I don’t know what I want to listen to. Unfortunately, anything they’ve released after this isn’t as good, but definitely check out this album. Insanely good. 

Hit The Wave by Marmozets – I used to listen to Marmozets a lot as a teen and earlier this year I came across this album again. They are so good I don’t know why I stopped listening to them. Hit The Wave is definitely my favourite song of theirs. 

Favourite Podcast Episode of the Month

Just yesterday I returned to one of my favourite podcasts Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed. At some point during lockdown last year I stopped listening to it and then I got so behind that I told myself there was no point trying to catch up. Well, this is somewhat true as I am a year behind pretty much, but I’m running out of Hey Now! Hey Now! episodes and I like to listen to podcasts when tidying. So I thought why not start listening again? 

I forgot just how much I love this podcast. The dynamic between Chris and Rosie is hilarious and reminds me a lot of my boyfriend and me. I’ll let you decide for yourself who is who.

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