Single Review: Tell Me by Alex James

Tell Me is the latest release from the North East alternative rock band fronted by Alex James. The band is no strangers to successful releases with previous singles Direction and I Said That You Looked Fine having over 5000 collective streams. 

The track wastes no time, opening with a gritty guitar riff and marching drums. The riff will get stuck in your head but don’t worry you aren’t mad about it. 

Tell Me is about feeling unsatisfied and unhappy even though you have everything you could have ever wished for. The emotion of this scenario is reflected in Alex James’ vocals as they glide over the melody, almost like they are looking for a sense of purpose. These do not take away from the rock n’ roll vibe of Tell Me. If anything they add an extra layer of angst that seems fit to burst.

The second verse comes crashing in with its constant drums and ringing guitars which bring a whole new level of interest to Tell Me.

Tell Me is a track with an energy that is held consistently throughout. You feel like you know exactly where the track is going at all times. This brings an easy-listening vibe to a rock track, which isn’t something I’ve really heard before. Very interesting.

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