Creative Convos: Are Too Many Adaptations Being Made?

Personally, I adore adaptations, however, I am quite happy to say that not everything needs to be adapted. At the moment it seems like studios are churning out adaptations left right and centre. This isn’t a bad thing, I’m actually very excited about a lot of them, but some books don’t need an adaptation. 

Studios really need to do their research into authors before adapting their work. Yes, I am talking about Delia Owens (tag and drag), I’m not messing around in this post. I had no idea about her ties to murder before her adaptation was announced. Obviously, I can’t say for certain that she is guilty of the charge but either way, it doesn’t seem fair that her work has got a big shiny movie adaptation when there are authors who deserve it more. 

On the other hand, there are so many amazing stories being adapted at the moment. A lot of them have important powerful messages. These are the adaptations that are needed not yet another mafia romance or whatever those awful films are on Netflix. Literally, no one asked for those to be made and now apparently there are three of them?! Put your budget into something more worthwhile. 

This can also apply to work outside of the book world. It seems to me that most film studios aren’t creating original content. These days everything is a remake. Don’t get me wrong some of them are very good and potentially better than the originals, but at what point is it too much? 

I’m honestly not a massive fan of the Disney live-action remakes, I’m extremely excited for The Little Mermaid though. I thought Cinderella was boring and Beauty and The Beast had lost its charm. They were both decent films but I wouldn’t choose to watch them again. Why would I when the originals are such classics? 

I sound like I absolutely hate adaptations, I don’t. More the opposite really but you have to give both sides a fair chance. 

Adaptations are often something I get excited for, but there is always that fear that they are going to butcher it. Daisy Jones and The Six is coming sometime soon and I am terrified that they didn’t do it justice. It’s always a risk, but I’m trying to remain hopeful. Sam Claflin is in it after all so it can’t be terrible right? 

My genuine opinion on this topic is that adaptations are not bad, however, not everything needs to be adapted. It would be amazing to see every book I love adapted but I know that a lot of them just would not work in that format and that’s fine. I’d rather no adaptation than one done badly.

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  1. I don’t watch a lot of movies so I don’t really pay attention to adaptions. But kind of in the same vein, I think there are too many fairytale retellings right now. I’ve enjoyed a lot of them, but the market is flooded with them right now.

  2. I really loved this discussion. Film/Tv was probably the format I fell in love with before books, so I have such a soft spot for adaptations. Even if they are bad, I love the possibility and the chance for a wider audience. However, I recently watched the film for The Book Thief and that has changed my opinion a lot because I didn’t like the movie and now, I don’t feel like I like the book as much. It has certainly made me more wary of adaptations.
    Funny you mention it because Daisy Jones is probably the one I am most anticipating– I have a lot of faith in it at the minute~~ I think the music and acting could bring it to a new level *fingers crossed*!
    But you are right that not everything needs to be adapted, like you say consider if the author deserves it and Netflix always pick the randomest books to adapt, like I could pick so many better ones!!

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