Re-Watch Review: Heartstopper S1-EP6

Episode Synopsis

Girls: Tara makes her relationship official on social media, but she isn’t ready for the side effects. The friends try to play matchmaker with Elle and Tao.


Joe Locke … Charlie Spring

Kit Connor … Nick Nelson

William Gao … Tao Xu

Tobie Donovan … Isaac Henderson

Yasmin Finney … Elle Argent

Kizzy Edgell … Darcy Olsson

Corrina Brown … Tara Jones

Olivia Colman … Sarah Nelson

Jenny Walser … Tori Spring

Sebastian Croft … Ben Hope

Best Character of The Episode

Everyone’s probably bored of me saying this by now but once again I’m awarding best character to Darcy. She’s very funny in this episode but also extremely caring. It’s a side of Darcy we haven’t seen before and Kizzy did a great job. They are the perfect Darcy.

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

Tori isn’t in this episode for very long, but that’s why I’m awarding her best supporting character. Unfortunately, she’s never really in it long enough to give her best character. 

The scene where she is teasing Charlie about Nick is one of my favourites because even though she’s joking with him it seems like she’s being dead serious. Tori was one of the characters I was worried about not being done well in the show but I really like Jenny Walser. 

Favourite Scenes

Nick’s ‘bi awakening’ when watching Pirates of The Caribbean with his mom is such a big moment for him but is also very relatable for the audience. Pretty much any scene with Kit in is done well because he’s such a great actor (like the rest of the cast) but the emotion he’s able to convey here without talking is impressive. 

The ‘triple date’ at the milkshake bar is the first time we see everyone together, bar Isaac. He wasn’t invited apparently. I really love this scene as so much happens and it’s the first time Nick and Charlie go out as a couple. Super cute, I love it so much.

Tara and Darcy in the practice room is the first time we get to see them in a scene on their own. The mini-comic about how they got together is one of my favourites and I loved that they reference it here. 

Best Quotes/Lines 

TARA: I swear people weren’t like this before we came out. 

DARCY: Want me to throw cheese at them? I’ve got leftover cheese from lunch. 

TARA: Nah. It’s not like they’re saying it to my face. Why do you have leftover cheese?

DARCY: It always pays to be prepared with anti-homophobia cheese.

There’s something about ‘anti-homophobia cheese’ that really makes me laugh. I mean how can Darcy not be everyone’s favourite character? 

CHARLIE: I didn’t just wake up one day like, “Oh, look, guess I’m gay now.”

This one is quite hard to talk about here without you hearing it, but the delivery of this line is so perfect. Funny yet flirty, classic Charlie Spring. I can’t say this enough but Joe really is the perfect Charlie. 

TARA: Darcy! 

DARCY: ( laughs ) Triumph at last.

After many failed attempts Darcy finally scares Tara with her horn. That sounds weird written like that but I don’t know how to word it otherwise. 

It’s the way Darcy laughs at this moment that really gets me. Perfect comedic timing and excellent delivery from Kizzy.

CHARLIE: You can’t come in here. Nick’s coming round. 

TORI: Oh. I didn’t realize you were in a committed relationship. 

CHARLIE: What? We’re not… He’s not… Shut up. 

TORI: Wow. So not ready to tie the knot yet then?

Tori is a close second as my favourite character, she’s so blunt yet hilarious. Everything she says is effortlessly funny and I love the way she teases Charlie in this scene. 

Favourite Outfit 

Elle’s borg jacket with the denim pinafore dress she wears to the milkshake date is iconic. She honestly has the best outfits on the show. 

Favourite Setting

The milkshake bar is so cute and I’m really glad they added it for the show. I’m really jealous of the characters getting to go to a cool milkshake bar in the middle of a park. Can one pop up near me, please?

Best Musical Moment

There weren’t any stand-out musical moments for me in this episode so instead, I’m going to talk about the score. I really love the score for Heartstopper, it’s actually on my reading playlist. It’s not the usual type of instrumental music I listen to when reading but honestly, it’s so freaking cute that I couldn’t resist adding it. 

Thoughts/Opinions That Don’t Fit Into A Specific Category 

I recently found out that the little dance Tao and Elle do when they meet in the park was completely improvised by Will and Yaz. It’s at this point you can see that Tao will do pretty much anything to make Elle laugh and it’s so cute.

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