To Be Watched: October 2022

When it comes to the later months of the year I am completely in my element with films. I’m not much a of a film watcher usually but as soon as I can binge-watch seasonal films that’s pretty much all I do. 

A lot of my favourite films are Halloween and Christmas (sorry to use that word so early) themed. I’m glad it’s getting to the time of year when I can watch them without judgment. 

I was thinking of doing a ‘Halloween Classics’ film review series so do let me know if you would like to see that. 

All The Halloween/autumnal films – Netflix, Disney and Prime Video

There’s no point in me narrowing it down to a few films as I’m likely to watch more than you’d want to hear about. When it comes to Halloween films for me I’m not the type of person who enjoys horror. I can watch horror but it’s never my first choice. Also a lot of them are never actually Halloween themed so I can watch them any time of year. 

For me, Halloween is all about Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus. Basically, I love Disney. These are the films I grew up watching, they hold a lot of nostalgia and comfort so I like to watch them every year. 

Halloween/autumn videos – YouTube

Autumnal/seasonal content on YouTube will always be my favourite. Especially from Zoe Sugg. Yes I am one of those people who never outgrew watching Zoe, I love her and I’m not ashamed of it. 

Her autumnal videos, especially the ones with Mark are some of my most watched videos on YouTube. I have a whole playlist dedicated to all of their vlogs together and another with pure Halloween and Autumn content. Now that definitely makes me sound very sad but I love what I love and I don’t care what other people think.

Zoe and Mark are my absolute comfort watches all year round and at this time of year that multiples ten-fold. Don’t get me started on Christmas videos. We’ll be here all day.

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