My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #2

Today’s gaming post is a quick one. I still have plenty of gaming series to talk about, but I’ve had to write this one in a bit of a rush – poor planning from me unfortunately, sorry I have too many arcs right now.

As always I’m still on the lookout for new YouTubers to watch so if you have any suggestions (not just gaming) please let me know!

Dark Souls Remastered – Gab Smolders

Episodes: 15

Watching this series was my proper introduction to the Dark Souls franchise. I’d seen a few videos of it here and there but none of them were serious playthroughs. My go-to YouTuber for a serious playthrough is Gab Smolders, she offers great gameplay whilst still being fun. 

This playthrough, in particular, is great because Gab has played the game before so she isn’t constantly stuck or wandering around, but she doesn’t remember everything so she still gets surprised at certain things.

Watching this really made me want to play the game, but honestly I am so bad at Souls games. I’ve played both Bloodborne and Elden Ring, but I suck at both. Well, I don’t suck at Elden Ring because in my opinion its a lot easier. I’m just really not great at open-world games. I constantly get lost or too overwhelmed with where to go. This is why I watch other people play games.

These videos were being uploaded when I was off sick from work and they gave me great comfort. If you’ve ever wanted to check out Dark Souls but haven’t for some reason I’d more than recommend this series.

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