Re-Watch Review: Heartstopper S1-EP8

Episode Synopsis

Boyfriend: As the boys and girls meet for a Sports Day, Charlie’s on the brink of breaking it all off with Nick, while Elle and Tao share a special moment. 


Joe Locke … Charlie Spring

Kit Connor … Nick Nelson

Sebastian Croft … Ben Hope

William Gao … Tao Xu

Tobie Donovan … Isaac Henderson

Yasmin Finney … Elle Argent

Kizzy Edgell … Darcy Olsson

Corrina Brown … Tara Jones

Olivia Colman … Sarah Nelson

Jenny Walser … Tori Spring

Best Character

I’m giving this to both Nick and Charlie. If you’ve seen the episode you know why, and if you haven’t why are you reading a spoiler-heavy review? 

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

Although he isn’t technically a ‘supporting’ character I really love Tao in this episode. The dead stare he gives Nick when he suggests he should join the rugby team. 

Can I include Alice in this section? They are shown for about 2 seconds on the train with Nick and Charlie and it’s such a fun cameo. It was later revealed that she was drawing Nick and Charlie during that scene and I love that so much. 

Favourite Scenes

There are so many great scenes in this episode. I’m basically just going to mention every part of the entire episode. 

The conversation between Charlie and Tori at the beginning of the episode is so heartfelt yet heartbreaking. Joe and Jenny did such an amazing job in this scene. I can see why they had to send Joe home because he couldn’t stop crying. 

Tao and Elle share a cute moment in the art classroom and it sets up their relationship storyline, which we’re about to see in season two, so well. The heartstopper moment with the butterflies is so pretty and I say this every time but it’s one of my faves.

Nick spotting Charlie in the crowd during the rugby match gives me chills every time. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this scene. Nick taking Charlie’s hand in front of his classmates is such a huge deal. 

I also really love the corridor scene. Who doesn’t love the corridor scene? So beautifully shot and excellently written and acted. Can’t fault it.

The beach scene where Nick and Charlie finally become boyfriends is top-tier cuteness. The whole montage of the trip is probably my favourite scene from the entire series, every part of it feels completely authentic.

It would be strange if I didn’t mention Nick’s coming out scene. It makes me tear up every time. Oscar-worthy performance from Kit Connor if you ask me.  

Best Quotes/Lines 

HEADMASTER BARNES: I’m sure that every single one of you is ready to give it your all, or at least I hope so because if you haven’t signed up for an event…Ms. Singh will hunt you down and murder you. ( laughter ) She’s just informed me that she won’t murder you. But she might ban you from watching the Reds versus Blues rugby match later today, an even worse fate, if you ask me. So, good luck one and all, and go do sports!

I love this purely because it’s just absolute waffle. You never actually get to see Headmaster Barnes but he’s an iconic character anyway. Also, the fact that he was instantly recognisable as Stephen Fry was hilarious. 

CHARLIE: You don’t get to have an opinion about anything I do. 

BEN: You want me to go around telling people about you and Nick? 

CHARLIE: Do you want me to go around telling people about me and you? That’s what I thought. Except, I wouldn’t do that because I’m a decent person. I understand that you’re figuring out your sexuality, but you don’t get to make me feel like crap anymore just because you hate yourself. So leave me alone. Just leave me alone.

Charlie finally putting Ben in his place is top-tier stuff. He’s in his reputation era now, do one Ben.

NICK: I don’t want to break up. I know people have hurt you. And you feel like I’d be better off without you, but… I need you to know that my life is way better because I met you. 

CHARLIE: You don’t have to say that. 

NICK: I do. And I’ll keep on saying it until you believe me. Look, I don’t care about getting into fights or pissing off my mates or anything like that. It’s all worth it to be with you. You are the kindest, most thoughtful and caring and amazing person in the whole world, and if you really want to break up, then I would respect your decision, but I want us to be together.

Nick was a real one for this scene. I love how even though he was unsure of who he was for some time, he has always known (and shown) how much he cares for Charlie. 

CHARLIE: Does this mean we’re boyfriends? 

NICK: Yes. Was that not already established the last ten times we made out? 

CHARLIE: Oh. Yeah? I don’t know, we never, like, confirmed it. 

NICK: Why are we like this?

I can’t even explain just how much this interaction makes me smile. The look of pure joy in Charlie’s eye is enough to make me cry happy tears. 

Favourite Outfit 

The sports day outfits are quite iconic. Especially knowing that most of the cast stole a few of the items. 

Favourite Setting

The beach/seaside town Nick and Charlie visit is so picturesque and reminds me a lot of where I live.

Best Musical Moment

I Belong In Your Arms playing over the Nick and Charlie montage at the end of the episode is very cute. It’s not necessarily a song I would normally listen to but in this context I really like it.

Thoughts/Opinions That Don’t Fit Into A Specific Category 

The understanding from Imogen when Nick grabs Charlie’s hand at sports day is what made me really like her character. She has that knowing look in her eye. Big love for Imogen in episode eight.

It’s quite subtle but I love that one person in each couple/pairing wears the opposite colour for sports day. It’s little touches like this that make Heartstopper so special. Amazing attention to detail. 

Nick going into the sea in jean shorts and vans makes me cringe every time. It’s not the worse thing in the world but the idea of sitting on a train in soaking-wet jeans makes me want to cry. That boy is crazy. 

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